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Maria Ciaccia

Faison Unmasked on Wednesday's 'GH'

By December 12, 2012

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Thanks to room service, we bid farewell to Faison as Duke on Wednesday's General Hospital. Now, will the real Duke be returning?

Turns out Connie is publishing a book...written by Molly! It will be interesting to see how this storyline goes. In reality, deleting Molly's manuscript from her computer does not actually delete it; it is still on the hard drive. Also, no publisher will publish a manuscript while the ownership is disputed.

Maxie becomes ill.

Johnny Zacchara is fed up.

Trey has some news for Kristina.

You can read all about it here.


December 13, 2012 at 4:57 pm
(1) Reta says:

I could not stop lauging when Faison’s facing was melting and that wig stood up shriveled on his head. What a crack up! Again, I employ the writers not to dummy Anna down. She is much smarter than they are portraying her.

Really excited about cliffhanger Friday–seeing Lucy and Robin.

December 15, 2012 at 6:41 pm
(2) chickie says:

DITTO! Been watching GH since (1963?-”angie-some girl in horrible accident and steve hardy”- I was 7! No lie!) So glad they’re gonna find Robin(& hopefullu Duke). Hope Jason returns tho!

December 17, 2012 at 6:05 pm
(3) Sherry says:

Agree with chickie…been watching since the old black & white days with Steve Hardy…can’t wait to see Robin back & wishing so much for the return of Jason…after Sam falls for John.

December 19, 2012 at 10:57 am
(4) Reta says:

BECKI, ANNETTE and MARIA, please help me understand something about this Faison, Duke and now Jerry Jax storyline.

1. Tuesday’s episode had me completely puzzled. FBI intelligence Robert Scorpio walks into a room and see’s his daughter alive and does not take out the wimpy RN–totally confused by that. Then the RN overpowers him and injects him with propafol–highly unlikely. I do not like that fact that they are dummy down Anna and Robert.

2. Then Olbrecht is able to leave with Robin (who is Scorpio) and does not manage to escape. Can’t believe Robin walked out shackled or anything is such a hurry. THEN we see Jerry Jax–they writers are now killing me. So again I ask how does Faison, Helena and now Jerry tie back to Sonny and Kristina because this was the basis for this whole storyline?

3. Lucy Coe looked great BUT I expecting more from her sooner rather than later. And I am sorry BUT Sabrina is the closest thing to “Ugly Betty” I have seen since the show left the air. Please Lucy come to her rescue. The barrette in the hair last week was killing me.

4. Last thing. Patrick and Brit– I can’t do it! Before Patrick was with Robin he was a straight up playa. No way, he would not be able to see through this twit. And furthermore, why would they clean him up, turn him around and then bring him full circle with a Lisa (stalker) wannabe. Don’t like this storyline. I’ rather Robin come back and they move to Africa or something if Kimberly does not want to come back full time.

Until next time…………….

January 1, 2013 at 9:15 am
(5) DIO says:

NO Sam with John McBain!@!!!!!!!! John needs to get his fickle self back to his real love, Natalie, TPTB NEED TO GET NELISSA ARCHER ON G.H. IMMEDIATELly or SOONER, I got cheated out of their wedding, let alone their “hotter that fire love scenes” Natalie BELONGS with John, Sam & Danny belone with Jason, of whom Sean Kenan would have made an excellent replacement for Jason, if indeed, he isn’t going to return; I would settle for an absent Jason as long as he & family are together. That would leave plenty of story for Sam but take her out of John
s reach. He needs to be reaching back for LLandview!

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