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Maria Ciaccia

A Few Anniversary Tidbits

By January 14, 2013

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A few items have surfaced regarding General Hospital's 50th Anniversary. Many of these are subject to change as not everything has been developed yet.

  • The Nurses' Ball will take place during the anniversary week. We already know it's coming.
  • Lucy's gowns will come off. This is inevitable.
  • Possible returns but not definite by any means: Jackie Zeman (Bobbie), Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy), Stuart Damon (Alan),
    Lindze Letherman (Georgie Jones), Jack Wagner (Frisco), Denise Alexander (Lesley), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Jonathan Jackson (Lucky), and Genie Francis (Laura). Kin Shriner is a possibility.
  • Laura will have a story arc that affects her family so the producers will try to bring back Lucky and Nikolas.
  • If Ethan returns, the role will possibly be recast.
  • There will be something involving the vampires, but not an actual storyline.
  • Sabrina will get a makeover, as has been reported.
  • No Jason recast at the present time.
  • The One Life to Live imports: No answers as of yet whether they will go back to OLTL temporarily or permanently, or what is going to happen.
  • Many of the returns depend upon the actors' schedules. Also, it's a question of timing, so that the characters are involved in the appropriate plots.

    The Powers That Be at GH will probably talk to all of these actors, or have talked with them, but it's an open question as to what actors will return.


    January 14, 2013 at 8:12 am
    (1) TLW says:

    This is such an exciting time for GH! If you had told me that I’d feel this way about the show several years ago, I would have thought you’d been hitting the bottle. Haha! Seriously though, the high ratings, storylines I actually WANT to watch and the fact that I can’t wait until the next episode to see what will happen next is reminiscent of soaps in their heydays. For all of ABC/Disney’s so-called “audience polls”, they sure got it wrong on this one. Turns out, soaps were NEVER dead at all. They just weren’t being done RIGHT.

    I am SO thrilled to hear that Jackie Zeman and Kin Shriner (and all the others, as well) may return to the show. I’ve missed Bobbie so much and her presence would make sense, given she has so many connections to the characters who are still on the canvas.

    January 14, 2013 at 2:28 pm
    (2) Annette says:

    I love GH – always have, always will, but it is particularly fun and exciting right now and I spend less time screaming at the tv and more time cheering on my favorites!

    I am positively swooning at the possible return, however brief, of Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) who should never have left in the first place!

    Also yes, Alan, Georgie, Bobbie, Audrey, Leslie, Scotty, even Frisco (whom I never cared for) are all welcome with open arms!

    I thought I read Laura was definitely coming back – have been holding my breath for Feb to see her!!!

    Too bad there will be an Ethan recast if the character returns…he’s brilliant with Luke.

    Excited for the coming year! GH is going to be fabulous —

    Oh…. and last night there were some tweets hinting that VMG ‘might’ return, but that it wouldn’t be announced, she would just appear. I know Maria you don’t report on vagueness like that, but thought I’d share with you.

    Happy Days for us all!!

    January 14, 2013 at 5:12 pm
    (3) Reta says:

    All good news BUT wait a minute. Didn’t Georgie die. Don’t tell me she is in the hospital with Duke and Robin. Or maybe it will just be her ghost returning. Either way, this is going to be interesting.

    I’m so sorry BUT I need a some closure on the whole Sonny/Kristina thing where Jerry/Faison/Joe Scully were plotting to get Sonny’s money via Kristina. Whatever happen to that? Or am I the only one who needs to let it go?

    January 16, 2013 at 12:41 pm
    (4) mp says:

    Why did Sabrina go to talk to Todd about funding the nurses ball for he does not know what she is talking about he does not know all about it and the nurses ball history either he is new in Port Charles he does not know other people there only Carly knows all about him and his background

    January 17, 2013 at 9:35 pm
    (5) annette says:

    With Todd you never know…
    It could be arrogance – he doesn’t remember because the Ball/Sabrina was unimportant to him and did not ping on his radar… or it could be that it is part of his attempted ‘brain damage from Johnny’s beating’ ploy.

    He knows a lot of people in town, but definitely thinks he is above them… or perhaps in an altogether different category.

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