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Maria Ciaccia

More Vampire Explanations Provided

By January 26, 2013

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In an upcoming General Hospital episode, we learn more about Lucy's vampire craziness during her psychic break.

Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) tells the story to a harassed John McBain, who is concerned that Lucy believes him to be this vampire named Caleb.

Kevin has a daughter, Livvie, he tells McBain, and she married a man named Caleb and disappeared. Lucy still feels very guilty and upset about that situation.

With the financial stress Lucy has due to Coe-Coe Cosmetics, plus her return to Port Charles and all the emotions it stirred up, Lucy had a breakdown and imagined these vampires.

This doesn't gel, I don't believe, with the vampire story on Port Charles. Here, it's all in Lucy's head.

By the way, Collins' daughter Livvie was played by Kelly Monaco on Port Charles.

So GH gets to bring in the fact that all of these actors were fellow vampires, use it to get Kevin Collins to town, and then have it all explained away.


January 26, 2013 at 9:10 pm
(1) Annette says:

Ah well, It would have been more fun if we had real vampires running around Port Charles but I realize I’m in the minority for wanting that kind of ‘fun’ on GH.

Having it be all in Lucy’s head kind of reminds me a little bit of Dallas and Bobby’s shower. hehehe

Oh well, I am looking forward to Kevin returining. I wonder if he’ll have a photo of Livvie and if she’ll look remarkably like Sam.

January 28, 2013 at 7:29 pm
(2) Paige says:

What about the possibility of Kevin actually being Sam’s father? Alexis neber said, Livvie/Sam were twins but Kevin got Livvie before Cassadines could send both girls away but Alexis never knew? The Cassadines could be responsible for all the vampire craziness & Sam would have her father! I think it could work!

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