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Maria Ciaccia

Jackie Zeman Returns!

By February 6, 2013

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Jackie Zeman, Nurse Bobbie Spencer, has tweeted that she is returning to General Hospital. She's thrilled to be invited. So are we.

It will be great having her in Port Charles again!

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February 6, 2013 at 9:56 pm
(1) juan says:

someone is really turning this show back into the general hospital that i grew up with. great news. it is great to see the faces that i remember instead of a bunch of strange new people (kate, johnny, olivia, max, etc.) who have nothing to do with the hospital and totally took over the show because of jill phelps. glad she is gone. now bring alan back.

February 7, 2013 at 12:03 am
(2) Annette says:

John Stamos tweeted a pic of himself with Kin Shriner at the General Hospital set yesterday…. no comment, just the pic.

Maybe the just popped by for a check up?

I’m loving the old guard’s return. :)

February 7, 2013 at 8:36 am
(3) TLW says:

And I was elated when I heard Genie Francis was coming back. Now, I’m over the MOON! I have been wanting Bobbie back on the canvas for so long. She has been sorely MISSED and I, for one, feel the caliber of GH has just been raised 100 MORE notches. Welcome back, Jackie!! Yay!

And yes, the Old Guard are still as amazing as when they were the “Hot, Young Things”. Now they’re the “Hot, Less Young Things”! LOL

February 7, 2013 at 10:55 am
(4) Reta says:

Yeah! Just maybe wie will have the return of Lucas. And whatever happen to the brownstone she use to rent out to everyone in town who had no place to go?

February 7, 2013 at 12:54 pm
(5) J.J. says:

I am thrilled. It has never mad sense for Bobbie to be off the canvas since Carly has consistently been in major story for YEARS.

All of the GH vets returning has really made a difference and the show is so much more enjoyable. I love going home to watch after work . I didn’t always feel that way when it was the Sonny/Carly/Jason show.

February 7, 2013 at 4:16 pm
(6) TLW says:

Good question, Reta! Remember all the wonderful holiday dinners at Bobbie’s? Maybe they finally gave up and just turned it into a homeless shelter! LOL

February 10, 2013 at 12:31 am
(7) pat massaro says:

I am enjoying GH so much these days with all of the GH vets returning. So happy to hear Bobbie and Laura are on their way back!!! I just want them to wrap up the vampire story line and send the OLTL people back to Lannview!!!

February 11, 2013 at 7:27 pm
(8) LJ says:

So pleased to hear this – good for GH to recognize Jackie’s value!
Also – if they bring Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake) back again – the 2 could do some really great stuff together!
I’ll be watching…

February 11, 2013 at 11:22 pm
(9) Ina says:

Bobbie coming back! Great! Where has she been?
She is Luke’s sister, Carly mother, wasn’t she! Never no mentioned
of her in years.
Wonder how she fits in now.
However be nice to see her.
Scotty too!

February 11, 2013 at 11:48 pm
(10) Judy in South Carolina says:

This is GREAT news to me as well! Welcome Back Jackie/Bobbie!

Just a suggestion to everyone………..tell all of your friends who “tuned out” when the GH they knew and loved disappeared that all of their old favorites are back and let’s watch the ratings SOAR!

Several weeks ago in the waiting room of my doctor’s office I just happened to mention in PASSING to ONE person that Genie was returning and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the absolute STRANGERS that I ended up having the most DELIGHTFUL conversations with about GH and “the good old days”.

Laura, Scotty, Bobbie, Frisco, Felicia, BLACKIE? maybe? This is all just the BEST! Thank you GH and HAPPY 50th Anniversary!

February 12, 2013 at 9:10 am
(11) Julie says:

Ok, I’m truly happy that they are bringing Bobbie back, because Carly needs someone, and I’m glad to have Laura, Duke, Anna, Frisco, etc. That being said, PLEASE wrap up some current storylines before creating new ones. It gets confusing when there are so many different things going on…

I know they just put Kely Thiebaud on contract, but they could truly get a new OB/GYN and let that character fall off a cliff–she is WRETCHED. No redeeming qualities at ALL!!

February 12, 2013 at 12:19 pm
(12) carol says:

tired of lucy already. but carly sure is looking good these days

February 12, 2013 at 1:36 pm
(13) Pam Smith says:

yes to Reta …with all the ppl coming back to town Bobbie will have to reopen the BrownStone up for everyone…lol… cant wait to see everyone

February 12, 2013 at 1:37 pm
(14) jean says:

With GH getting so good w/ better ratings – why-oh-why – did they mess up so bad w/ the vampire storyline? Bad news! This storyline stinks!! If the actors from OLTL have to depart P.C., so be it. Will sorely miss Todd but subbing McBain for Caleb is too much. Also, Maxie’s miscarriage, immediate pregnancy w/ Spinelli’s baby was soooo predictable. Enough mystery parentage in pregnancies.

February 14, 2013 at 12:51 pm
(15) Marian says:

Fantastic, now they are realizing that it was not a good idea to get rid of all of the original Actors we had grown to know.
Where is JAX
The storyline with Maxi, being an accomplice, Killing a Patience is outrageous! Take her schoolyard antics outside and away from her workplace.
This storyline is really upsetting. We are all afraid of going into a Hospital
without this disturbing malicious, childish, relationship revenge. It is enough we have to listen to the Pregnancy all the time too.

February 14, 2013 at 4:50 pm
(16) generalhospital says:

Marian, The patient wasn’t killed; the patient died. Maxie put the bottle on the floor to make Sabrina think she used that medication, but she didn’t. Then Britt asked to see the autopsy, and she altered it so it looked like the medication killed him.

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