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Maria Ciaccia

General Hospital 2014: What's Ahead

By December 29, 2013

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After a rollicking year, General Hospital is gearing up for 2014. Can they outdo 2013?

2013 was GH's best in 7 years, and if it keeps doing what it's doing, there is no reason its success shouldn't continue. We don't have a 50th anniversary, but the writers don't need one to create excitement.

We look forward to their plans. You can read about some of them here.


December 30, 2013 at 4:23 pm
(1) Becki says:

I must say I like the sound of some of them plans, especially Alexis having a storyline.

I’m looking forward to Robin and Sabrina. I’m curious to see if either of their vindictive sides come out. And while I understand the logic and emotion and reason of it, isn’t it the tiniest bit insensitive of the happy couple to be renewing their vows so quickly?

Looking forward to seeing the developing story of Morgan going over to the dark side – can he be saved? Will he confess and / or forgive his father?

Shawn and TJ. Even though they’re secondary characters, this could be interesting as well, now that TJ truly understands what Shawn is all about.

I do wonder how Britt is able to function with that axe hanging over her head. That should be good.

Please, more Julian – for any reason. I love the way this character is being played so much more than i ever loved Sonny.

January 2, 2014 at 5:16 pm
(2) Reta says:

BECKI, I think Nik is going to drop Britta after the baby caper is revealed. Had she told him when she was dishing he may have been okay with it. Provided she gave the baby back. BUT the fact it’s his sister’s baby–NO DEAL.

Then I think Britt will either become a nun or revert to her old ways. As long, as Olbrecht (who I love) is around that poor girl has no hope of truly being good because blackmail will be lurking in the wings.

Shawn needs a women and I can only pray that they don’t somehow get TJ involved in the mob stuff. Hey, what about Ephipany? I would never stop laughing but that would be so interesting.

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