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General Hospital - Top Moments in History
Hayley-Erin-GH-Kiki-General-Hospital-.jpg - ... The long-awaited wedding of Luke and Laura is one of the top moments in the history of General Hospital. Share ...
General Hospital Top Moments - Sonny Shoots Carly
Sonny shoots Carly in one of General Hospital's Top Moments.
Robin Scorpio is Diagnosed with HIV - General Hospital Top Moments
Robin Scorpio is diagnosed with HIV in one of General Hospital's Top Moments.
Ric Hides Carly in a Panic Room - General Hospital Top Moments
General Hospital Top Moment, 2003: The pregnant Carly is chained inside ... Top Moments ... No Big Goodbye for Kiki · Get Ready for a Big February on 'GH' ...
Death of BJ Jones - Top Moments of 'General Hospital'
B.J. Jones was pronounced brain dead after a school bus accident, and her heart was donated to her cousin Maxie.
Luke Rapes Laura - General Hospital Top Moments - Luke Rapes ...
Luke rapes Laura to the tune of "Rise" at the Campus Disco.
Heather Webber's Obsession with Luke Spencer|Top General ...
She never left his side while he was in GH. While at GH, she ran into Steven Lars, her beloved son whom she'd sold so many years earlier. ... Top Moments.
General Hospital's All-Time Top Villains - About.com
The top villains of General Hospital, including Helena Cassadine, Cesar Faison, Stavros Cassadine, Grant Putnam, Ryan ... With these features in mind, a list of the top 11 GH villains of all time have been compiled. - American ... Top Moments .
Jason Becomes a Bad Boy - General Hospital Top Moments
Jason becomes a bad boy, changes his name to Jason Morgan and leaves his family after an accident causes brain damage in one of General Hospital's Top ...
Jax and Brenda Marry as Lily Corinthos Dies - General Hospital Top ...
The Final Moments. As Jax and Brenda tap their champagne glasses in a congratulatory toast, Lily turns the car ignition. Suddenly, the car blows up, its flames ...
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