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General Hospital Daily Recap for December 12, 2012

Oily and Unmasked


Anna and Duke are about to move into the bedroom -- don't ask me how Cesar was planning to pull that off -- when there's a knock at the door. The artist formerly known as Faison answers the door, believing it to be room service. Though they bring fondue, the waiters are dressed in street clothes because they're not waiters - it's Robert Scorpio and John McBain.

Anna demands to know what Robert is doing there. "You didn't get my message," he guesses, and proceeds to tell her that Faison is alive. Anna knows that and tells them that Duke was bound and gagged. She saw both men.

On further questioning, Anna does admit that she was unconscious for some of the time. Robert informs her that Dr. Obrecht denied knowing Duke but called "Duke" as soon as they left.

"Duke" loses his temper. He doesn't know anything about any of this! McBain pulls out the phone and calls the last number dialed. "Duke's" phone rings. This incenses "Duke" even more. Suddenly, everyone starts perspiring; McBain has turned up the heat. Masks, you see, don't sweat. Robert realizes that Faison didn't need plastic surgery -- he was, in fact, in black ops, and all he'd need was a mask.

"Duke" says he's leaving, and asks Anna to accompany him. She agrees. But she wants to go to the inn at Andermatt where they were snowbound. He agrees to take her there. Anna pulls away. They never went and they were never snowbound.

"Duke" is now desperate and sputters that he forgot a lot and he wanted to please her. He turns to leave, but Robert stops him. He then throws the fondue oil in "Duke's face" and the mask begins to melt. "Duke" covers his face as he screams, then finally removes what's left of the mask. Faison! Faison is handcuffed as he cries that he only wanted Anna to return his love. Anna punches him.

Todd Manning has good news and bad news for Molly and T.J. The good news is that the manuscript has been found. The bad news is that it's going to be published under the name of Constance Falconeri. Molly insists the manuscript is hers. Todd admits that he didn't read it, he's not a nice guy, and as long as it makes money, he doesn't care who wrote it. He leaves.

When confronted, Connie doesn't care about Molly either, saying that her book is nothing like Molly's. She tells her to go and write a book of her own. Molly pleads with her to return the manuscript, but Connie tosses both of them out.

Carly and Josslyn walk into Kelly's, and Josslyn gets all excited when she sees Johnny and runs over to him. Johnny is grateful that Carly hasn't turned Josslyn against him. He tells Carly that he thinks about her all the time. He wants to explain to her why he married Connie.

Just then, Todd interrupts them. Carly says that Johnny was about to tell her why he married Connie; Todd can't wait to hear it. Johnny clams up. While Carly takes care of Josslyn, Todd reminds Johnny to shut up. Johnny is disgusted with the entire situation. After he's gone, Todd asks Carly if she would reconcile with Johnny if he has a good explanation.

Dante and Lulu meet at General Hospital. Maxie is ill and Lulu is very worried. She wonders if they should find a new surrogate. It turns out that Maxie just had a food allergy to jelly she thought was grape but turned out to be blackberry. Instead of being relieved, Lulu is very upset. How could Maxie be so careless? Maxie promises to be more careful. Lulu says that she trusts Maxie, and they hug. Britt informs them that egg retrieval will be happening soon.

Kristina and Alexis decorate the penthouse with Christmas decorations without telling Sam. Sam loves what they did. Trey brings the tree and when he and Kristina walk out into the hall, Trey tells Kristina that he is leaving Port Charles to work in New York on a film. He'd like it if she would accompany him; he hasn't given up hope that they can get back together. Kristina has hoped the same thing. She's not sure she can go with him, though. Her family is here. But she agrees to think about it. They kiss.

Sam tells Alexis that she blew up at McBain, but things are better. He is working on who shot Jason. She refuses to give up hope that Jason is alive - after all, isn't that what Christmas is about? Faith. Alexis presents Danny in a baby Santa suit, and he is adorable.

Molly arrives and orders her mother to sue Connie Falconeri.

Johnny enters Connie's office while she works on "her" book. He is sick and tired of her threatening him with what she knows. So sick of it, in fact, that he's confessing to what he did.

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