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General Hospital Daily Recap for January 3, 2013

Happy New Year


It's New Year's Eve, and Patrick has a date with Britt. Sabrina arrives to babysit and daydreams that Patrick kisses her. Emma tells Sabrina she's worried that Britt may be her new mommy. She wishes it were Sabrina. Emma reassures Emma that Robin will always be her mother.

Milo and Spinelli get the hospital roof ready for Spinelli's big New Year's date with Ellie. Milo thinks Spinelli has a great way with women, but Spinelli doesn't. He wants to be seen as an object of sexual desire. In a quid pro quo, Milo shows Spinelli some stripper gyrations. Midnight comes and goes; no Ellie.

At Maxie's place, the phone rings, and it's Lulu. Again. It's getting to be a little much for Maxie. She notices that Ellie has green goo on her face and is reading a magazine. Isn't she going out with Spinelli? No, Ellie says, Spinelli is "on his own tonight and for the rest of his nights."

Maxie realizes that this has to do with her and apologizes for wrecking their Christmas Eve. She finally talks Ellie into getting ready and actually going to meet Spinelli. Maxie then hears a noise at her door. When she opens it, it's that husky puppy! The dog runs into the apartment, but as Maxie chases it, she falls.

Michael brings Starr to GH; she's in a wheelchair. He doesn't want her to be concerned about Johnny. Let the police take over. Michael explains to Britt that Starr was unconscious for a few minutes and, as she is being examined, he phones Dante and tells him about Connie. Britt announces that Starr is okay. As Britt is racing to the elevator, all glamored up, an ex-patient, a child, throws up on the back of her dress.

Todd calls Starr, and Starr says they are leaving the hospital. Maxie is brought in; Britt phones Patrick to say that she has another patient. Maxie is sorry to bother her; however, it turns out that Maxie had a miscarriage.

Things are lively at the Haunted Star, and Olivia is in good spirits until she has another dog vision and becomes terribly upset. Todd and Carly arrive. Todd is rather surprised that Carly would choose to spend New Year's at Johnny's club - could it be he's being used to get back at Johnny? Does she still think of Johnny? Carly admits that she still thinks of him, just like Todd thinks of Blair.

Dante enters the club, and Olivia and Steve inform him that Connie is up to something. Todd and Carly join them; Dante says that Johnny has been kidnapped.

Lulu spots Patrick and gives him the news about Maxie's pregnancy. Dante questions Olivia about her visions but Steve and Lulu start talking interrupt their conversation. Steve and Olivia leave to watch the ball drop. When it's midnight, Todd and Carly welcome 2013 with a kiss, as do Dante and Lulu.

Trey talks with Connie in the parking garage. He informs her that he's going away to get a new start. That's funny, she says, so am I. She goes on to say that she and Johnny are no longer together. Kristina hears banging in the trunk and asks what it is. Connie has an answer: mice. "I don't think mice sound like that," Kristina says.

Tray wants Connie to open the trunk. Connie claims the key doesn't work and enters the car to pop the trunk. Michael and Starr arrive. Connie floors it and takes off. Starr is sure Johnny is in the trunk. They go after Connie.

Patrick returns home to find Sabrina asleep, but she wakes up after he comes in. He invites her to watch the ball drop. At midnight, it looks like they're headed for a kiss.

Speeding along, Connie yells that she's sorry to Johnny because she has to drive so fast. Michael, Trey, Starr, and Kristina are close behind her as Kristina attempts to call PCPD. Ellie is also attempting to get a cell signal to call Spinelli. Her car has broken down. Spinelli phones her while she's walking on the road. As she comes face to face with Connie's headlights, she screams. Connie cries out and hits the brakes. Starr begs Michael to watch out; he hits the brakes as well.

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