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General Hospital Daily Recap for February 15, 2013

Body Double


Todd is at the pier talking to Caleb, who seems to disappear the second Todd turns away. Anna and Sam show up, followed by Carly. Todd claims that he saw McBain kill Heather, then toss her in the water and take Danny. He is positive and insistent that he's being truthful. Anna arrests him for attempted kidnapping anyway.

Sam fills Carly in on the other murders that have happened. She believes that someone is in Port Charles who looks like John McBain. Carly leaves.

At the Lake House, Alexis' jaw is on the floor upon learning that Rafe has been hiding in Molly's bedroom. Rafe claims that he didn't give Molly a choice and promises Alexis that he would never, ever harm Danny.

Sam telephones; Danny is fine. Molly meanwhile begs her mother not to call the police about Rafe. Alexis says that as an officer of the court, her hands are tied. She also counsels Molly that kindness doesn't extend to harboring a fugitive. Angrily, Molly calls her a hypocrite -- after all, doesn't she work for Uncle Sonny?

Rafe breaks up the argument by stating that he is prepared to turn himself in. Molly wants Alexis to defend him, but she can't because she already has a client - John McBain, the very man Rafe is accusing. Alexis and Rafe leave just as T.J. arrives. Molly has to tell T.J. that Rafe spent the night, which makes T.J. angry. He isn't sure he can trust her any longer. He gives her his Valentine's Day gift and leaves before she opens it. Molly finds a journal in the box and a very pretty, blingy heart necklace.

Connie enters Kelly's to discuss her case with Diane. She sees Sonny at a far table and nods to him, giving him a faint smile. Diane is sure of getting the manslaughter charge dismissed. Unfortunately, there is jail time involved on the other causes. Diane wants to blame Kate. Connie is adamant that she will not go back to Shadybrook. She demands that Diane get another defense, and Diane asks for more money. Connie thinks she can get it from Johnny.

Shawn meanwhile joins Sonny at his table. Sonny figures the Zaccharas are toast and ripe for a takeover. He asks Shawn to find out who, if anyone, is looking for Johnny's hidden assets. After his meeting, Sonny approaches Connie. It's romantic to sit in a diner talking over your defense in a court case, isn't it, they joke. Sonny remembers Valentine's Day the year before; Connie was already a presence. Connie admits that she hated him, but a year has made a big difference. They chat about high school.

Kristina goes to Pentonville to start her community service and sees Johnny. She tells him what happened in court, which surprises Johnny. He's not aware that Connie thinks of anyone but herself. Kristina believes she did it for Sonny. Johnny finds that ridiculous, but Kristina acknowledges that things are better between the two lately. A man enters to tell Kristina that her supervisor is ready to see her.

At PCPD, McBain wants Dante to believe he has a double, but Dante doubts this. McBain begs for the same chance he gave Dante when Ronnie was attacking strippers and Dante was suspected of being corrupt. Todd and Anna come into PCPD. Todd informs McBain that he saw him choke Heather and throw her into the water one-handed. Todd continues, saying that McBain's double vanished afterward.

Carly comes by to tell Todd that she believes his story. He wants her to stay with him. She can't, but she wishes him good luck.

McBain tells Anna that he thinks Sam is in danger and begs Anna to look for his double.

Alexis brings Diane in to see Rafe. Diane's first thought is that he can't pay her. Alexis assures him that since Rafe's mother was a member of the prominent Barrington family, she is sure there was a trust fund that could provide for him. Diane accepts the case.

Outside of Kelly's, Sonny sees Dante, who is on his way to meet Lulu for dinner. Sonny is depressed and thinking about the old days with Connie.

Inside Kelly's, Alexis greets Shawn with a kiss - seconds later, T.J. races by them, obviously upset.

After speaking with Alexis, Sam turns to see Caleb. He says he knows Todd tried to take Danny and tells her to give Danny to him. Sam panics. She realizes it's Caleb; Caleb says they have known each other for many centuries and keep coming back to find one another.

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