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General Hospital Daily Recap for February 22, 2013

One Man - Many Names


Once Shawn and Alexis arrive at PCPD, Anna informs them that John McBain, Rafe Kovich, and Lucy Coe have escaped, and the person who helped them is a little brunette by the name of Molly Lansing. Alexis is horrified, stating that Molly is just a child. Anna points out that Lucy started a fire to divert the room while the escape took place.

Alexis asks Molly what could have possessed her to do such a thing, and Molly explains that Lucy told her that Rafe had to be protected. She doesn't know where they went, but she knows they will help find Sam.

McBain, Rafe, and Lucy head for the university and the late professor's office to look for clues the police may have missed. McBain looks through a book and then moves online for information about Caleb and an alias he uses, Clay.

Steven Clay, McBain learns, is a rock singer who became a mental patient. He escaped from the institution after the death of his wife. Clay and his wife look like McBain and Sam. Clay, in his craziness, took on the identity of a vampire and claimed to be immortal. Lucy promises to protect Rafe and talks about the nightmare she had. McBain questions her, and both he and Lucy realize that Clay is probably at Windemere.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy tells Luke she thinks she can get rid of A.J. if he's indeed having panic attacks, since he didn't make a disclosure about his condition. Luke is used to Tracy going on and on about ELQ and she notices he's not with her. She thinks he's daydreaming about Anna. Luke tells her about Laura, and Tracy almost passes out. Tracy realizes that Laura is in town because Lulu and Dante are having a baby (they think).

When Luke informs Tracy that Laura is engaged to Scott Baldwin, Tracy spits out her drink. Luke announces that he isn't going to stand for Laura marrying Scotty. Tracy asks him if he wants Laura back. Luke doesn't answer and mentions the Ice Princess. He thinks now Scott is behind it and not Helena.

Scott walks into the Haunted Star while Lulu is doing some paperwork. She isn't happy to see him. Scott says that he wants to talk with her about the death of his son, Logan Hayes. Lulu reiterates that it was self defense, and Scott says he now has more perspective into the incident. He mentions that they are now going to be family -- he's marrying Laura. Lulu is stunned.

Laura arrives and asks for some time alone with Lulu. Laura states that she and Scott were both working on rebuilding their lives and they reconnected. Lulu wonders why her mother never mentioned this engagement when she first saw her. She thinks it's because initially she wasn't planning on marrying Scott -- not until she saw Luke kissing Anna on the docks. She is questioning Laura about her dad when Scott returns. He assures Lulu that he has the best of intentions and extends his hand. Lulu just stares at it, but eventually shakes it for her mother's sake.

Scott really isn't welcome anyplace, as he learns when he arrives at the PCPD and Anna doesn't seem to want to talk with him. Scott asks to see Lucy Coe, who is his client. This forces Anna to confess that Lucy has escaped. Anna asks why he's in Port Charles, and he answers that he's there with his fiance. Like everyone else, Anna is surprised that it's Laura. She wonders if he's taking advantage of Laura since she's suffered some mental problems. Scott mentions Anna's involvement with Luke, and she corrects him. They are not involved.

At Steve's place, Olivia attempts to tell Kate that Trey is dead. Sonny arrives, and Kate tries to leave. She wants to see Trey. Sonny states that she can't because he's gone. He finally gets the words out -- Trey is dead. Kate won't accept it. Finally, she calms down enough to ask how he died. Sonny tells her what happens, and that Connie took him off of life support.

At PCPD, Anna is alerted of a break-in at the university.

Sam opens her eyes at Windemere. Clay stands over her.

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