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General Hospital Recap for March 28, 2014

Liesl Has a Hostage



Lulu (Marcy Rylan)

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A.J., with Kiki, Michael, and Monica

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Dante and Olivia

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Sam Comforts Nikolas

Sam visits Nikolas at Wyndemere to see how he's doing, as she and Silas left before the big reveal. She is shocked to learn that Ben is Lulu's son, and that Dr. Obrecht ran off with him. Nikolas is despondent over Britt.  He thought he had a chance at a life with her.  It turns out that she was lying to him all along.  Not only that, he says, but he involved her with Spencer.  Now he has to break the news to his son.

Nikolas turns his thoughts to remorse over the way he treated Elizabeth.  He should have thanked her; instead, he attacked her.  "You two go back a long way," Sam assures him.  "Give her some time; I'm sure she'll get over it." 

Sonny Worries About A.J.

Sonny is at home, and he wants to know A.J.'s condition.  A sobbing Olivia isn't thinking about A.J.  She's thinking about their grandbaby being kidnapped.  She's upset that Sonny is focusing on Michael.  Sonny swears to Olivia that he would help both Dante and Michael if he could, but he is helpless in both cases.  He leaves for the hospital. 

Britt is in Custody

At PCPD, Dante tells Britt what to say to her mother when she hears from her.  The phone rings, and Britt answers, inquiring about Ben.  Obrecht says that the baby is safe.  Britt offers to meet her so they can be together as a family.

Also at PCPD, Nathan receives information regarding Silas, and it comes as a surprise.  Lulu comes in, looking for Dante.  Nathan motions to the interrogation room and leaves the office.  Lulu spots Britt and rushes into the interrogation room, asking -- loudly -- about Ben.  Liesl disconnects.   Britt apologizes, but Lulu is off on another tear, and accuses Britt of violating her and Dante.  "I've lost everything," Britt cries. "I've lost Ben, Nikolas, my freedom."  Lulu couldn't care less.  Britt, she declares, will pay for her actions. 

A Surprise from Nathan

Ava and Silas see one another at GH.  She is concerned about Kiki and feels that Silas should be, too.  She adds that their daughter knows that she had nothing to do with putting Nina in a coma, or in the death of the pharmacist Nakamura.  Silas informs Ava that Nina is dead.  Ava gives him her condolences, and then says, "It's time we put our cards on the table."

At that moment, Nathan enters.  He verified Silas' alibi, but he continues to believe that Silas is involved somehow.  Silas accuses Nathan of being obsessed with getting something on him rather than finding out what actually occurred.  Why isn't he looking at Ava's alibi?  Nathan seems willing, for a change, to consider another suspect.  Sam, when she arrives, has an idea about finding out whether or not Ava is guilty.

Michael Feels Guilty; Monica is Angry

Kiki sees Michael in the hallway, feeling guilty about the decision he made to put his father through surgery.  Kiki comforts him.  Michael also wonders why A.J. was at Ava's place.  Kiki thought he was applying for a job with Julian, but Michael doesn't believe that was the reason.  

Monica is not in a good mood, so when Sonny is headed toward A.J.'s room, she cuts him off at the pass.  She also doesn't want him to upset Michael.  "You have caused nothing but trouble for my family since the moment you came into town."  She suspects him of shooting A.J. and says so.  After ordering him to get lost, Sonny runs into Ava.  He wants to know why A.J. was strangling her.  "Ask A.J.," she responds, "if he ever wakes up."  She reminds him that, "Neither one of us are out of the woods until he's dead."

A.J. Tells Carly Who Shot Him

As Carly stands over him, A.J. opens his eyes.  He manages to whisper that Sonny shot him because of Ava, which Carly doesn't understand.  He then lapses into a coma again and sets off alarms as he crashes. 

Liesl is Nearby

Liesl Obrecht holds a gun on Elizabeth at her place.  Apparently she brought Ben there and moved in with him.  "You told Nikolas about Ben as a way to get back with him," she growls.  Elizabeth only says that Britt is in jail and will probably spend some time there.  Obrecht makes a call, and, when she hangs up, announces that Britt will be a free woman soon.

There's a knock at the door.  "Elizabeth?  It's Nikolas."  Liesl hisses at Elizabeth, "Be quiet." 

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