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Franco, Bloody Franco: General Hospital Recap for July 9, 2013

Blackmail, Thy Name is Brad


Danny Has a New Doctor and a Potential New Donor

At the Lake House, Sam tells Alexis that Dr. Singh is out as Danny's doctor, and Silas is in. Alexis thinks coping with him is too much for Sam, but Sam thinks it will be okay. Alexis wonders if they've covered every potential donor and even mentions the possibility of Sam having a baby with Franco as a possibility for a donor. (Who wrote this episode today?) Sam says there is another potential donor, but she plans on speaking with him in person: Franco.

Alexis flips out. Franco??? Alexis is afraid he will use Danny's illness to reconnect with the family. She thinks that she should be the one to talk to him. Sam agrees, but she wants Alexis to take Shawn with her for protection. He may be a changed man, but who knows how changed he is?

This is Alexis' cue to inform Sam that she and Shawn have broken up. He had to choose, she explains, between their relationship and Sonny, and Shawn chose Sonny. She takes off to find Franco.

Sonny Wants to Send Franco a Message

Sonny and Shawn conference at Sonny's. Sonny worries that Alexis might be a problem for Shawn working for him. Shawn informs Sonny that he and Alexis are no longer an item. That out of the way, Sonny wants to send Franco a message not to bother anybody.

In the meantime, Franco goes to the pool house, where Morgan is picking out an expensive gift for Kiki online, courtesy of the Jerome money. Franco mentions that he's disappointed that the couple has moved out of the Quartermaines because he would like to spend time with her. It's a hard time, Morgan says, as Kiki is trying to help "her cousin."

When Franco finds out that Danny needs a bone marrow donor and that no one asked him, he becomes enraged. Why, he could be the baby's best chance at a match! Just then, Sonny and Shawn arrive. Morgan thinks his dad is there to see him -- fair assumption -- but Sonny gives Morgan money to leave and take Kiki someplace nice. Boy, I wish I were Morgan. All anybody does is throw money at him.

Shawn and Sonny are now alone with Franco. Sonny says that he won't tolerate Franco bringing harm to anyone in his orb, and he signals Shawn. Shawn beats Franco to a bloody pulp -- really nice scene, a low point in the history of General Hospital. Alexis enters and sees a bleeding, disoriented Franco.

Brad Propositions Michael

Another scene in bad taste takes place in a General Hospital exam room, where Michael and Kiki again fight their chemistry. The two end up kissing and break away as Brad enters. It's obvious what was going on and Brad starts in about incest. I would love to know how this guy keeps his job.

It's clear to Michael that Brad is hinting blackmail so he asks him how much money he wants. Brad doesn't want money. He wants Michael, I guess because he was raped in prison and evidently that turned him gay. Written by the same people who insist that Kiki and Michael are first cousins. Michael suggests -- loudly -- that Brad tell everyone he saw him kiss Kiki. He really doesn't care. Brad smirks and says that he will tell the next person who walks in the room. Morgan enters, looking for Kiki.

Ava Attempts to Reconcile with a Reluctant Silas

At General Hospital, Ava and Silas are shocked to see one another. Guess it's just been eons. Silas wishes it were still eons but makes small talk with Ava until he's had enough, which is shortly after they start talking. Ava tells him that she lives in Port Charles now and begs him to have just one cup of coffee with her, and then she won't bother him again. He decides that promise makes it worth sitting with her.

Duke and Anna are outside Kelly's when Duke presents Anna with a flower, thrilled to have time with her when she's not busy at her police commissioner job and investigating Franco's shooting. Anna complains that her leads dried up even though it seems as if everyone wants him dead.

Ava and Silas arrive; Ava and Duke greet one another. Introductions are made. Ava and Silas enter Kelly's, and Anna and Duke wonder what's up with those two.

Carly is inside Kelly's as well. She's with Spinelli. She wants to hire Spinelli to get chapter and verse on Ava Jerome. Why is she back with Franco? She is certain that the two of them are not, in fact, back together, but up to something. Carly then spots Ava with Silas and tells Spinelli, that's a good place to start. Spinelli agrees to take the case.

Ava reminds Silas that once, they had feelings for one another. She places her hand on his, and he yanks it away, deciding their little get-together was a bad idea. Of course, Carly doesn't miss a beat. She sees the hand bit and is really curious. Outside, Duke and Anna notice that Silas and Ava don't leave together.

Sam Has an Inspiration

Sam and Spinelli speak on the phone, when Sam suddenly remembers there is someone else who should be on that potential donor list. She hangs up, and there's a knock at the door. It's Silas.

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