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No Love for Nikolas, Michael, and Sean: General Hospital Recap for July 5, 2013

That Satin Doll


Shawn faces Sonny and is about to announce his decision to quit when Milo beats him to it. Sonny accepts Milo's decision and wishes him success. He just asks that Milo remember his loyalty.

Max pushes Milo outside and finds out that his brother has quit. Milo explains that he just wasn't cut out for the business the way that Max is.

Inside his house, Sonny turns to Shawn. Shawn merely apologizes for screwing up the hit and takes off. Sonny looks at a photo of himself with Max and Milo. As hard as he was on Milo, he will miss him.

Olivia comes downstairs and asks Sonny what's wrong. He shrugs it off. He admits that he thought Shawn was getting ready to quit. Olivia changes the subject and says that she can't wait to see the fireworks from Sonny's, since the view is so fabulous. Sonny says that he wants to remind her of a past Fourth. He takes her out on the deck and kisses her.

Alexis is in the midst of getting ready for a romantic dinner with Shawn when Nikolas arrives. He wants to be tested as a possible donor for Danny. He sees the beautifully set table and asks if she's having a breakup dinner. She happily tells Nikolas that she asked Shawn to choose between her and Sonny, and he chose her. In fact, she says, he's telling Sonny at that very moment. As far as Nikolas' romantic life, he tells Alexis that he has had to face the fact that Elizabeth wants to be with A.J.

Shawn arrives as Nikolas is leaving. Alexis notices Shawn's mood and asks if Sonny was angry. Shawn confesses that he didn't quit. "It's not about killing," he says, "it's about protecting." Alexis doesn't understand his inability to let go of the job and unfortunately, she can't tolerate him working for Sonny. Shawn declares his love for her. But for Alexis, it's not enough.

Patrick is horrified when Britt shows up at the Fourth of July celebration he's having with Emma and Sabrina. "You're on bedrest," he says. Britt plays the alone card and claims she had to get out of that apartment. He invites her to eat with them. Emma isn't taking the sight of Britt well. Sabrina tells the little girl that she knows she's not happy about the baby, but there's nothing they can do about it. Besides, she's going to have a new baby brother or sister. She encourages Emma to show Britt her doll so she can practice being a mom. Patrick is no doubt relieved that Sabrina is there.

Well, no good deed goes unpunished. Emma shows Britt her doll and says that the doll does everything that a baby does, and gives her a bottle with water in it. Britt evidently never had a Betsy Wetsy doll and when she feels the liquid, she says, "Ooh, she's wet" and flings the doll away from her, right into the flaming barbecue.

Emma is devastated that her doll has become a Crispy Critter. Sabrina helps her give the doll a decent burial. Britt apologizes to Patrick and leaves.

Elsewhere in the park, A.J. is celebrating the Fourth with Elizabeth and Aiden. Elizabeth gives him a "Kiss the Cook" apron. Looking at Aiden, A.J. remarks that he missed this type of thing with Michael. He really wants to be there for him now.

Elizabeth doesn't want A.J. to be so tough on himself. She has regrets, too. She badly wants a man in Aiden's life. And where is Cameron while all this is going on? Meanwhile, Spencer takes off and Nikolas chases him. Milo catches him, and informs Nikolas that he just quit.

Michael stands in front of the pool house and, under his breath, rehearses what he'll say to Kiki about having her blood tested as a potential donor. He knocks. Kiki says, "Come in," and Michael enters to find her tied to the bed, blouse open. He is shocked. He pulls out his phone to call the police; she stops him, explaining that she's playing sex games with Morgan.

This is beyond anything Michael could even imagine. It's degrading. He leans over to untie her, and their faces are nearly touching. Morgan enters and yells at his brother. Michael yells back that it was awful of him to leave Kiki this way. Morgan asks if he's angry because he didn't get to tie her up himself. Both men have gone over the edge, pushing at one another and screaming.

Though Morgan wants him gone, Michael insists that he has a reason for being there and that it's a matter of life and death. When he explains the situation, Kiki wants to help Danny. Once Michael leaves, Kiki is out of the mood.

Michael goes out and stares at the fireworks. Love is in the air, but not for him. Mac and Felicia while Patrick is with Sabrina and Emma, and they all look very happy. Elizabeth and AJ kiss. Spencer wants to see Elizabeth, but Nikolas doesn't think it's a good idea.

Nikolas runs into Britt crying and comforts her, mentioning that he's had a lousy day. He asks her to join them, and she accepts his invitation. Max sees Milo in the park, and they eat hotdogs together.

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