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General Hospital Daily Recap for February 8, 2013

Grand Central Station, Q Style


Luke arrives at the MetroCourt and spots Carly with Todd. Todd makes himself scarce. Luke asks Carly about the Quartermaine heir. Carly acts like she doesn't know what he's talking about, and adds that she's not lifting a finger to help Tracy. Luke bangs his hand on the desk and discovers that Todd is hiding there. He grabs his cell phone to call the police, unless, of course, Carly tells what she knows.

Carly explains that Franco told her that he has a daughter. He didn't get to see her because her mother kept her away from him. Her name is Lauren, and frankly, Carly has no idea if Franco was even telling the truth.

Before Luke leaves, he advises Todd that Uruguay is nice this time of year. Todd wants Carly accompany him. He's sure that as angry as she is at him, she still has feelings for him. Carly says that she can't go with him. They kiss several times before he takes off.

Down at the pier, Shawn and Sonny are talking about Kristina. Shawn is positive that Connie got Kristina off the hook for Sonny's benefit. Sonny is mainly interested in the ELQ leak and wonders if Tracy did it. She's always wanted ELQ and this time, A.J. took it from her.

At the Q mansion, the federal marshals have arrived to arrest Tracy for racketeering, SEC violations, and fraud. Connie appears, stating that she is the publisher of The Sun, and goes on to say that Tracy cannot be arrested without the evidence. Suppose those documents were shredded by mistake? Tracy is released, and after the marshals are gone, Tracy and Connie drink a toast.

Connie tastes the Pickle-Lila relish and just loves it. Also, she's glad that Tracy told Michael that Sonny wasn't the leak. The place is like Grand Central Station. Sonny and Shawn appear just as Tracy is talking about giving Connie the information herself. Connie begs Sonny not to tell Michael that Tracy did it. He agrees, and walks her to her car.

Grand Central Station continues. Luke arrives and has some news for her about that possible heir. It's Franco's daughter Lauren. This is not enough for Tracy. She wants more. Her eyes fall on the relish. You can just see the light bulb go off in her head.

At the offices of ELQ, A.J. is having a rough time attempting to make the company a going concern. Michael shows up and says that Connie let Kristina off the hook, and that Sonny was not the leak. A.J. isn't sure that's the truth, but Michael is. As far as who leaked the story, he doesn't know.

Duke Lavery arrives. The ELQ assets are still frozen. This is very concerning because they might lose the company. They will have to lay some people off. He believes, though, that ELQ is worth any fight. Duke leaves to get some records on past problems at ELQ in the hopes that they can come up with ways it had been saved in the past.

At PCPD, a hyper Lucy has a gun on Anna. She states again that Caleb is a dangerous man, and that he killed Alison in order to reach Rafe. She has to take him to a place where she can protect him. Still pointing the gun, Lucy directs Anna to walk downstairs.

Caleb is actually in the building, visiting Rafe in his cell. He wants to know what happened at the pier. He asks an officer to accompany them. Lucy and Anna find that Rafe is gone. Lucy knows that Rafe was abducted. Anna does some fast work and locks Lucy in a cell. When Anna checks the security footage, she sees John McBain -- or someone who looks like him -- taking Rafe out of the building.

Caleb removes the murder weapon to re-enact Alison's murder. The other officer wonders if he should do that since it's evidence. Caleb says the commissioner signed off on the gun. Caleb has the officer act as Alison. They go through the crime, and Caleb kills the officer. Rafe becomes very upset, but Caleb asks how he could share this moment with anyone. He's waited so long to see his son.

Rafe screams that Caleb is not his father, but Caleb advises him to look at him and then himself, and he will see the resemblance. He can raise Rafe in the right way now. He points out a boat in the harbor and says it's coming to take them home.

Rafe turns and runs, which doesn't seem to bother Caleb. He pulls the weapon out of the officer and licks the blood. Uh-oh.

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