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General Hospital Daily Recap for January 16, 2013



Today at GH, Sabrina frets about Patrick being uncomfortable with her as they work on the Nurses Ball Committee. Felix wants Sabrina to stay on-board. Her passion will help make it a reality. The two talk about Lucy going over the edge regarding her vampire problem.

Duke and Anna have a conversation in her office. She's sorry that she's so busy and he's left kind of hanging around, but he thinks their situation will take time to work itself out. An officer enters to inform Anna that Dante has gone to Turkey and that McBain is in the hospital after an attack by Lucy. Anna heads to the hospital.

Carly wakes up sick from a hangover. She is in Todd's bed. Did she have sex with Todd? It's worse. A.J. walks out of the shower and announces that she slept with him. Frantically, Carly attempts to remember what happened. She recalls leaving Kelly's.

After letting her sweat for a bit, A.J. admits that they didn't have sex. Not that she wasn't busy -- he shows her the handiwork she did on Todd's clothes. That's bad, but then she sees her hair and lets out a scream. A.J. takes off. Felix stops by to book the hotel ballroom, but when he sees Carly's hair, all thoughts flee from his brain except how he can fix it.

At Kelly's, Mac and Felicia have breakfast. Shawn hears them talking about Lucy and tells them that Lucy tried to kill John McBain. Alexis shows them the Sun, with the headline "CoeCoe Goes Cukoo." Felicia wants to hear Lucy's side. Mac and Alexis want to get Lucy some help. Alexis believes Kevin Collins is just the man, and puts in a call to him.

Sam sits by McBain's hospital bed. The two decide that it's no wonder they felt familiar to one another. In another life, they must have been vampires. They both laugh. He asks if she can check on Todd, and she leaves. Anna pays him a visit and gives him work news. He's surprised she isn't happier that Duke is back. Anna shakes her head. Alas, when she looks at Duke, she can only see the awful Faison.

Todd and Diane have a laugh as well, about McBain being staked. Diane confesses that she could have gotten Todd off with the other charges, but now that he tried to bribe McBain and tried to escape -- forget it. Diane says glad she's the only one who knows that he didn't releases the DNA test that proved Jason was the real father. Sam, coming to see how Todd is for McBain, hears this. She lashes out at him.

Diane gets a call and departs. Because of him, Sam says, Jason never found out that Danny is his. Now that she knows he is responsible, she'll make sure that everyone knows and Todd loses everything. Diane reappears with guards to get Todd to court.

Visibly upset, Sam reports to McBain that Todd is more disgusting than she knew.

Monica is at home trying to reach A.J., whom Tracy thinks got drunk the previous night. Monica yells at Tracy for trying to ruin the family by making Lucy co-CEO. Tracy goes on the defensive, saying that she had to keep control. She even sends a tweet saying she's very happy with her choice of co-CEO.

Monica stares at the newspaper and as soon as Tracy has finished tweeting, she shows it to her. Tracy can't do anything about her tweet and, furious, she leaves the room. When A.J. returns, he hugs his mother and she smells alcohol. Carly spilled some on him, he claims. He then sees the newspaper and realizes there still might be a chance for him to take over ELQ.

Lucy sits in her cell and thinks back to when she was with Caleb. She screams, and Duke rushes to her. She thinks he is Caleb's assistant, Joshua. Felicia arrives. She and Duke are very happy to see one another. Felicia attempts to calm Lucy by telling her that this is Duke. Lucy explains that she never told Felicia about the vampires in the past so as not to distress her.

Lucy pleads with Felicia and Duke to get her out of jail. Duke has a private moment with Felicia, stating that he's not going to the arraignment. Lucy calls out for him to find Caleb.

Alexis arrives at PCPD to represent Lucy. Anna, meanwhile, is trying to keep Tracy from seeing Lucy.

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