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General Hospital Daily Recap for January 23, 2013

Double Identities


It's confession day in Port Charles. Spinelli finally feels that Ellie is strong enough to hear what happened with Maxie on New Year's Eve. He explains that he had too much schnapps, and, in his despair that Ellie never appeared on the roof, he slept with Maxie.

Spinelli was wrong, as Ellie's reaction demonstrates. The news hurts her deeply. Not only that, she believes that Maxie sabotaged her car because she knew Ellie was en route to meet Spinelli. Spinelli assures her that is not the case. Ellie then says that Maxie should not have slept with anyone because of the recent in vitro she had. Spinelli states that the baby is okay. At that point, Ellie is so enraged that she tosses him out of her hospital room. After he leaves, Ellie breaks down.

Dante and Lulu meet Maxie, who is with Britt at GH, just at the point that Britt and Maxie are discussing what to tell them. Maxie claims that she's fine, and Britt covers by saying she wants to increase Maxie's folic acid. Maxie seems jittery.

Olivia is near them and sees the dog again. This time, she describes it. Maxie notices Spinelli and something clicks. She states that Olivia is seeing a jackal. Interesting, Maxie - and why would you interpret it that way, when Spinelli (supposedly) has nothing to do with Dante and Lulu's baby?

Later on, Maxie has a private conversation with Britt. She'll pass the baby off as Dante and Lulu's. That will be the best thing. But Britt has to keep her mouth shut. HIPAA laws, Maxie, HIPAA laws.

Patrick and Emma are at Kelly's having hot chocolate after school. Sabrina enters and Emma rushes to her, so happy to see her. Patrick has to tell his daughter that Sabrina won't be able to babysit any longer. Emma is upset and asks why, thinking perhaps that Sabrina doesn't like her. Sabrina denies that's the case. What about the Nurses' Ball, Emma asks. They're going to all perform together! Well, perhaps they won't be a group, Sabrina says, but there's no Nurses' Ball unless Emma is there, of course!

While Sabrina is still at Kelly's, she hears Patrick tell Emma that maybe they could spend time with Britt. Emma says that she doesn't like Britt, describing her as "mean." Just ask the kids -- they know. Emma is quite firm -- she does not want Britt as her new mommy. She wants Sabrina, and runs over to her. Sabrina leaves hurriedly and watches from outside as Emma tells Patrick that she loves Sabrina.

Lulu and Dante are sitting at the counter at Kelly's, and Lulu is still nervous about the baby. Dante thinks she should concentrate on the fact that their child is on the way instead.

Connie, always on the defensive, has a conversation with Sonny. He's been very good to her, and she expresses her gratitude. Sonny says that he understands her, one parent to another. Connie is suspicious that he is looking for Kate. Sonny disagrees. He sees Connie. Yes, he loves Kate and yes, he would like to see her, and it is sad that she isn't there. But he was thinking of her, Connie, when Trey died, not Kate.

Connie wonders if there possibly could be a chance for them. What does he think? Sonny believes there might be something there. However, he doesn't seem ready to give himself over to it. Does he wish she didn't exist so he could be with Kate? He loved her first, not Kate! Sonny sighs. This is a little muddled, he says. Connie becomes angry and orders him leave. She cries when she's alone.

Luke is back, and after being checked out, he visits Anna. She breaks the news to him about Robert being in a coma due to Dr. Obrecht. Luke feels terrible.

Duke enters and Luke, believing him to be Faison, goes after him. Anna stops him, and Duke tells Luke what happened, how Faison saved him in the Turkish prison, and how he knew that wouldn't be good news. He gave Faison some false answers hoping someone would catch on. He adds that he is still in love with Anna.

Luke faces Anna and says that during his imprisonment, he did some thinking. He's in love with her as well. Anna needs some space from both men. Luke leaves. Duke is aware that her experiences with Faison have left her very nervous around him. But he'll always be in love with her.

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