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General Hospital Daily Recap for January 30

Stake in the Heart


Sonny sees Tracy outside of Kelly's and says he's sorry he couldn't do anything for her. His apology does nothing for her mood. Now, because of him, she says, Michael might pay the price. However, if he's old enough to take up with A.J., he can handle the down side -- and there's a down side coming.

When Sonny talks with Olivia later on, he tells her what Kristina did to Connie and how Connie refuses to drop the charges. For a while, he and Connie connected, but he made the mistake of saying he missed Kate. "Oh, boy," Olivia moans, knowing full well what must have followed.

Big Alice is at Kelly's and hands Tracy a note from Ned, which shocks her. Don't give up on ELQ, he says, there might be another heir! Tracy sucks in her breath - the newspaper! She races to the Sun to stop the presses.

At the police department, Sam and Alexis are sympathetic to John McBain and his injury. They discuss Todd's insanity plea as well. They're in the midst of talking when who should walk in but Kevin Collins. He and Alexis embrace.

Kevin, it turns out, knows all about Caleb since he had to listen go on and on about it for their whole time together. Caleb was obsessed with Kevin's daughter Livvie, except that Kevin doesn't have a daughter Livvie. Alexis introduces Kevin to Sam, whom Lucy called Livvie.

Kevin explains he finally had to leave Lucy before any damage was done to the children. It got really bad, he says. Lucy was in a world all her own, with angels and demons, and the angel had a name - Rafe. He's glad she's at Fernclff. He informs Alexis that he's not staying in Port Charles. This upsets Alexis. After all, Lucy stuck with him, why is he abandoning her now? He can get to her. He has to try.

We then switch to Manning Enterprises, for some reason being run by Connie. Todd realzes that the paper hasn't come out yet and calls her from Ferncliff; Connie claims it's ready now. There was a delay due to a few problems. Starr and Michael enter the office. Michael asks Connie to drop the charges against Kristina, but it's no go. She gives Starr a copy of the newspaper from yesterday which has details of her father's court appearance and insanity plea.

By the time Tracy gets to the paper, it's too late. The paper is printing. Tracy laments her pride. Now it's ruined her father's legacy. To Tracy's surprise, Connie promises not to reveal Tracy as her source. She considers Tracy a friend.

Lucy hears Todd talking to Connie on the phone and realizes he has an escape plan. She wants to be part of it, and he says okay. However, she has to spread the word that he's crazy. He is going to use DID as his defense. He calls himself Rod and speaks with an Italian accent.

Starr walks in on the end of it and dismisses the entire idea. She kept a tape of him confessing to using DID once before, and if pushed, she'll use it. Todd is mortally offended. Those eight years he spent isolated, tortured, and alone in his windowless cell. Supposing his only companions were Rod, Mrs. Perkins,and Tom? Starr isn't moved: Don't use any personality other than your own or she'll blow the whistle.

The doctors enter to take Todd for evaluation. Starr introduces herself and says she wants to meet all her father's doctors and sit in on his evaluation. They all leave. As Lucy wonders what she will do without Todd, Kevin comes in behind her and speaks. She whirls around and, on seeing him, cries with joy.

Monica drops in on A.J. at ELQ. No Michael yet, and A.J. is insecure - is it possible that Carly and Sonny have gotten to him? Michael arrives just then, all dressed up and apologizes for being late. When they see the newspaper, Monica calls Tracy a vindictive harpie, sure that she did it. A.J. isn't convinced. He thinks it might be Sonny. Michael doesn't believe him. They are going to have to ask Connie.

Alison stands by the pier and explains to Rafe, her son, that Port Charles is home. She knows it's been hard on him to be on the run. That's over. They have a friend her. She shows him the article about Lucy being arrested. Rafe isn't sure -- he thinks she sounds like a lunatic. Alison feels she can be trusted. She hands him an arrow for defense and leaves. Uh, oh, a couple of weirdos.

Encouraged by Alexis -- actually, more pushed -- Sonny tries again with Connie, returning to her office. He kisses her and states that he can't deny the connection they have and wants to move forward, but without the charges against Kristina. Connie pulls away as A.J. and Michael arrive to ask her source. She accuses Sonny.

Ned reaches Tracy on her cell; she doesn't mention the newspaper story.

Alison walks into PCPD in hopes of locating Lucy. She's sent to see John McBain. When she comes face to face with him, she recoils in horror. "Caleb!" she cries.

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