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General Hospital Daily Recap for January 11, 2013

Bitter, Party of One


In his prison cell, Todd works on an apology letter to Carly. He reads it out loud to hear how it sounds. John McBain arrives and thinks Todd is nuts for thinking he can win back Carly. Todd voices the opinion that he and McBain are more alike than different. They are both impetuous men and pay no attention to rules.

McBain points out that he's not a baby swapper. Todd insists that he is one of the good guys and is out to prove it by getting Natalie and Liam back for McBain. He can fight Clint Buchanan for McBain -- but he can't do it from Pentonville. McBain needs to see that these charges disappear.

Todd suggests that McBain prove that the case is tainted somehow, and if he does that, he will deposit a million dollars in an account for Liam's college. To his chagrin, McBain holds up a small recorder. He has the entire bribe proposal on tape. It's his insurance in the event that Todd gets off. Todd says he has no worries; Diane will get that tape tossed out. McBain leaves.

Carly goes to Michael's place to see him, but instead finds Starr alone there. Starr invites her in, noting that Carly is upset. Carly tells Starr she's dropped Todd. She can't believe what he did -- he swore on Starr's life that he was innocent. Starr says that if she was asking him about his participation in the baby switching, Carly must have suspected something. Carly says that she wanted to trust Todd and believe him. If only he had trusted her, she would have been on his side and on the defensive for him no matter what.

The two get off of that subject and discuss Michael. Starr is pro-letting Michael develop a relationship with A.J. Carly is anti-A.J. He sees Michael as some sort of trophy, she says.

At General Hospital, Olivia has too much to look forward to and is now worried about something bad happening. Steve tries to cheer her up. They're getting married, she will soon be greeting her first grandchild, and they will be going on their honeymoon. Olivia is unhappy that she never got to know Trey, and for that matter, neither did Connie. It's too late now.

Kristina stands in the hallway near Trey's room with Sonny, and she holds him responsible for the fact that Connie escaped. Sonny argues that Connie was really, truly upset about Trey's condition. Everyone separates to look for Connie. Alexis instead finds Kristina in Trey's room about to pull the plug! Alexis warns her it's a murder charge if she does that. Kristina confesses that she's afraid Connie will leave Trey in this state.

Olivia suddenly has a vision of Connie drinking shots at the Floating Rib. Sonny runs out to see if she's there. Starr suggests to Michael that he call his mother, who is very broken up after what happened with Todd.

At the Floating Rib, Connie is in her element. She sees A.J. and sits next to him at the bar, offering to buy him a drink. A.J. agrees to it even though he's not supposed to be drinking. Coleman acts thrilled to see her, but that's as far as it goes. He tells Connie she's a troublemaker and he doesn't want problems with Sonny.

Connie notes that Coleman seems to know A.J. and gets an earful about how Coleman got his bar, thanks to A.J. crashing into his other one. A.J. tells Connie that Michael is his son and also mentions he's a recovering alcoholic. He goes on about ELQ and how his hopes for working with Michael are no more. Connie talks about her sadness regarding Trey, and they toast, though A.J. does not drink from his glass.

Carly enters the bar which brings comments from Connie and A.J. laughs at her remarks. Carly and Connie start sparring; Connie finally drops Carly's glass on the floor and orders Carly to leave her alone. A.J. offers Carly his drink. She heads for a booth while Connie and A.J. play the jukebox. When Connie spots Sonny walking in, she pulls A.J. to her and kisses him.

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