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General Hospital Daily Recap for March 8, 2013

That Magic Ingredient


The Formula

Michael visits Carly at the MetroCourt with a gift of junk food. He figures she needs some comfort since today is Todd's trial. Carly shrugs it off, but Michael knows better. Carly says that yes, she is a mass of contradictory feelings, but even if he is found not guilty, she's not taking him back. No more bad men!

Then A.J. ambles in. He's another sad reminder of her bad taste. A.J. and Carly start in on one another right away; Michael orders them to stop. He leaves to see how Ellie is doing. A.J. point-blank asks Carly the identity of the missing heir. No way, Carly replies. A.J. receives a text from Elizabeth and smiles. He informs Carly that he needs to make a dinner reservation for tonight. For two. For Elizabeth Webber and himself. Carly is surprised. She thought Elizabeth had better taste.

At the Quartermaines, A.J. drops by while Spinelli is there, so Tracy gets him to hide. A.J. announces that he is close to finding the relish recipe. Once he leaves, Spinelli tells Tracy his sad tale. His girlfriend Ellie has been hired by A.J. to reverse engineer the relish and get the recipe, and he just can't steal from his own girlfriend. That's in Spinelli's world, not in Tracy's. Tracy breaks the news to home - she owns the building where his home/office is located, and he's on the street selling pencils unless he coughs up that recipe.

At Recipe Central, Starr tries to concentrate on helping Ellie, but she keeps thinking of her father being on trial. She's afraid this is it for real -- Todd is going to prison. Ellie suggests that she go to court, but Starr shakes her head. The two get back to work. Once they taste the sample, they realize it isn't right. There's something missing. Ellie goes back to work. Starr steps outside and sees Michael. He thinks she should go to the trial, so they do.

Working on her own, Ellie is ecstatic that she's discovered Lila's secret ingredient, which she announces to Spinelli as he enters. The two embrace. "I'm so happy!" she exclaims. "I feel like the accident never happened!"

When A.J. meets Ellie later, the recipe seems to have disappeared.

Spinelli shows up at the Q mansion with the recipe.

Heartarche for Elizabeth and Sabrina

At General Hospital, Sabrina sees that Elizabeth is crying and asks what's wrong. Elizabeth explains that Steve has been arrested and is being returned to Memphis. Sabrina comments that it's admirable that he is taking responsibility for his actions.

Elizabeth advises Sabrina to do the same: to tell Patrick how she feels toward him. Sabrina believes that Patrick still mourns Robin; she has a good friendship with Patrick that she doesn't want to spoil.

Elizabeth has a voicemail from A.J., and she tells Sabrina that she needs to take responsibility for her own feelings about A.J. -- who he is, and who he used to be. She's really not sure he's trustworthy. Sabrina thinks getting close to someone is always risky. Is he worth it? "Take your own advice," Elizabeth says. Sabrina calls Patrick and leaves him a message: She has something important to tell him.

Todd Manning's Trial and Declaration of Love

For Port Charles, Todd's trial is like that of a rock star. The press close in on him and while the cameras are in his face, Todd declares his love for Carly. "We belong together," he says.

Diane pushes Todd inside. There she informs him that Johnny wouldn't agree to any of her requests. Todd has asked for a bench trial instead of a jury, so without a lot of hoopla, the Judge begins the proceedings. Heather takes the stand and swears that Todd is innocent of any wrongdoing regarding the babies. The next witness is one Pete Fillmore, who testifies that he saw Heather switch the babies on her own. Diane stands and asks that all charges be dismissed. By the time Starr and Michael get to the courtroom, it's empty, and Todd has gone free.

Todd heads for the MetroCourt, where he finds Carly.

Love Triangle

Kate climbs back into bed with Sonny after her altercation with Connie. When Sonny awakens, she asks him about his feelings for Connie, but he doesn't want to go there. She asks instead that he tell her that he loves her. "I love you," he promises, "and I will spend the rest of my life proving it." Sonny takes her in his arms.

Later, Sonny goes downstairs to start breakfast and finds the broken mirror. Kate plays dumb. At breakfast, she raises her juice glass to the end of Connie. Sonny reminds her about calling a psychiatrist, and she assures him that she will. Sonny leaves.

Connie looks into a shard of glass. Kate screams to be released, but Connie laughs. Connie's in control, and Sonny, she swears, will pay for what he did to her.

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