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General Hospital Evil Twins Through the Years

Lookalikes of characters on General Hospital who impersonate the original character and have evil intentions

Evil Twins on General Hospital
Everyone, it is said, has a double somewhere. General Hospital is proof of that, as time and time again, we've seen characters show up who are dead ringers for citizens of Port Charles. These include doubles of Mac Scorpio, Sam McCall, Lucky Spencer, Nikolas Cassadine, Emily Quartermaine, Grant Andrews, and Kevin Collins.

Mac Scorpio's Evil Twin James Meadows
Mac Scorpio-James Meadows, General Hospital evil twins; Mac is impersonated by lookalike James Meadows

Lucky Spencer's Evil Twin, Ronan O'Reilly
Lucky Spencer/Ronan O'Reilly, General Hospital evil twins. Lucky impersonate his assassin lookalike, Ronan O'Reilly.

Manny Ruiz/Mateo Ruiz
Mateo Ruiz-Manny Ruiz, General Hospital evil twins

Sam McCall's Twin Alicia Montenegro
Sam McCall-Alicia Montenegro; Allegra, Alicia's mother, was the evil one.

Emily Quartermaine/Rebecca Shaw
Emily Quartermaine-Rebecca Shaw; Rebecca tries to fit into the life of her late double, Emily Quartermaine

Connor Bishop-Nikolas Cassadine's Evil Twin (2004)
Nicholas Cassadine-Connor Bishop, General Hospital evil twins, Connor being a lookalike for amnesiac Nikolas Cassadine

Luis/Lorenzo Alcazar-Luke Spencer/Bill Eckert - Not Really Twins
Luis Alcazar and Lorenzo Alcazar-Bill Eckert, evil twins on General Hospital? No,the Alcazars weren't twins, and Bill Eckert wasn't Luke's twin.

Grant Andrews/Grant Putnman
Grant Putnam, General Hospital villain, and the evil twin of Grant Andrews

Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain
Ryan Chamberlain, General Hospital villain and the twin of good guy Kevin Chamberlain

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