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General Hospital Daily Recap for September 14, 2012

Baby Questions


Sonny is at Alexis' house, and he's been a wild man since Kristina announced her marriage to Trey. Kristina explains that it was for the reality show, so that Trey's father could get his money back. Sonny demands to meet Trey's father.

Alexis arrives home and Sam and Sonny brace her for the news. Alexis then learns that Kristina married Trey. Kristina doesn't understand what the problem is because the marriage is being annulled. Sonny remains furious and leaves to find Trey. Kristina rushes to follow him.

Alexis has Sam's divorce papers that require her signature. Sam seems hesitant. At the hospital, Jason was there for her. He asked Patrick how the baby died. Sam realizes now that it wasn't Jason's fault that her child died. They both made some bad choices, but neither one of them is to blame. Alexis asks, does this mean she forgives him? Bottom line, Sam is not ready to sign the papers. Alexis asks about McBain. Sam isn't ready to discuss that. Alexis has a suggestion. Go back to your husband and tell him how you feel.

Kristina is outside with Sonny and claims that she would have done something crazy for him if he needed it, so she understands Trey wanting to help his father. Sonny thinks it is a bad comparison. He wouldn't ask Kristina to do anything like that. Kristina points out that Sonny has a large, loving family to support him, and all Trey and his father have are each other. Will he lay off Trey? Only if he gets something in return, Sonny says.

Michael informs Kate that Kristina and Trey are married, but explains the circumstances and the upcoming annulment. Michael is concerned because Trey's father has a history with Sonny. Does she remembers anyone with a grudge against Sonny back in Brooklyn? The last name is Mitchell. No, Kate says, she can't recall knowing any Mitchell.

Trey tells his dad that Kristina is under the impression that the marriage is going to be annulled. Starr enters the apartment and asks the man if he's Trey's father. Isn't he supposed to be -- In jail? Joe interrupts. The charges were dropped. Starr is interested in "Mr. Mitchell's" history with Sonny. Joe insists he has none; until "Mob Princess" he never even heard the name Corinthos. Starr heads for her room, but she doesn't seem like she believes him.

Joe is unhappy that Trey told Starr anything and angrily yanks him into the hall. Trey says that he needed someone to talk to. Sonny, Joe reiterates to his son, stole their future. Starr looks through the peephole and phones Michael, announcing that Trey's dad is there. Michael is still with Kate and hears him say "I thought he was still in jail." A light bulb may have gone off in Kate's head.

Kate answers the door, and Trey is there to talk to Sonny. Suddenly, she sees his medal and asks where he got it. "My dad," Trey answers. Kate grabs it and flashes back to the rape. She totally flips. "Joseph Mitchell Scully!" she cries.

Back in the hall, Scully becomes concerned about what Trey has told people, and Trey claims that no one, including Michael, knows his real last name. Joe tells Trey to stay married, but Trey doesn't understand how that helps anything.

At the Q mansion, Monica is curious about Joe. He's after Tracy's money, right? Tracy thinks this is as good a time as any to let Monica know that she's invited Joe to move in. Monica states that she is going to do a background check and asks Joe's last name. Tracy doesn't actually know it, but it begins with an S.

Monica can't believe what she's hearing - Tracy invited him to move in and she doesn't even know his last name? She decides at that moment to increase security, reminding Tracy that Anthony Zacchara was the last man she brought to live there. Tracy becomes defensive. Joe and Anthony cannot be compared. Joe makes her happy, and she really cares about him. Monica agrees but without a lot of enthusiasm.

At General Hospital, Spinelli promises Jason that he will get what he needs regarding Sam's baby. Elizabeth hears Spinelli wishing Jason "Happy birthday" as he's leaving. She too wishes him happy birthday. However, he tells her that he'd rather erase it now that he's learned he shares his birthday with Franco. Elizabeth says that she's arranged an early release for him, and offers to drive Jason home.

Spinelli enters the laboratory, where he finds a good-looking young lab assistant, Ellie, and he hits her up for some help. He gives her the paperwork, and she agrees that it seems strange. Spinelli asks her to test the tissue on file for the baby's blood type. Unfortunately, she can't do that unless one of the parents requests it. Spinelli pleads and argues until she relents. The baby's blood is AB-. "Sam's son may still be alive," Spinelli murmurs.

Jason returns to the penthouse with Elizabeth to find that she's decorated the place for his birthday. Seeing his reaction, she apologizes, but Jason says he really appreciates it. They sit. She needs to talk with him.

Elizabeth starts by saying that she promised herself if she got through the pathogen ordeal that she wasn't going to waste any more time. She went out with Ewen because she couldn't have him. When she looks at him, she sees a friend she trusts. She wants another chance. They kiss, just as Sam opens the penthouse door.

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