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Anthony Geary - General Hospital Actor

Iconic Actor - Iconic Character


Anthony Geary - General Hospital Actor

Anthony Geary

Bob D'Amico/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

General Hospital actor Anthony Geary portrays Luke Spencer, described as the most popular character in soap opera history. He is the winner of six Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, receiving his first award in 1981. Besides his six wins, Geary has been nominated an additional six times.

Early Success

Geary hails from Coalville, Utah, where he was born on May 29, 1947. He majored in theater on scholarship at the University of Utah. After seeing him on stage, Jack Albertson cast him in The Subject was Roses, which starred Albertson and Martha Scott. The play toured in Hawaii before going into the Huntington Hartford Theater in Los Angeles.

Geary stayed in Los Angeles, and from there, began to get work. Two of his early jobs were co-starring with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas in Your Show of Shows, and touring in Jesus Christ Superstar as Jesus.

Geary Joins General Hospital

At the urging of GH producer Gloria Monty, Geary joined theA cast of General Hospital as Luke Spencer in 1978. He had previously worked on two other soap operas, Bright Promise and The Young and the Restless and didn't like the medium. However, Monty had some groundbreaking plans, and she knew that Geary was the actor to help put them into motion. She was right.

Geary left GH in 1984, but returned in 1991 as a new character, Bill Eckert, a cousin of Luke's, and beginning in 1993, he played the dual roles of Bill and Luke, until Bill's death.

Other Credits

Geary's career began before General Hospital and has extended beyond it. He has appeared in over fifty stage productions in the U.S., winning a DramaLogue Award for his one-man show, Human Scratchings, done in Los Angeles in 1996. He has also performed in productions of The Wild Duck, The Glass Menagerie, and The Cat's Paw.

His television prime-time roles number over 40, on shows such as Starsky & Hutch, Barnaby Jones, The Streets of San Francisco, All in the Family, Marcus Welby M.D., Hotel, and Murder, She Wrote. TV movie appearances include Sins of the Past, Intimate Agony, Perry Mason and the Case of the Murdered Madam to name a few.

Geary's most recent film role was as a homeless man in Car Pool Guy; previous films are U.H.F., It Takes Two, Pass the Ammo, You Can't Hurry Love, Penetentiary III, The Disorderlies, Private Investigation, Johnny Got His Gun, Scorchers, and Night of the Warrior.

As a producer, Geary won a Cindy Award for Sound of Sunshine, Sound of Rain, a children's story for Public Radio. He has also taught improvisation and story-theater techniques.

Geary today divides his time before Los Angeles and a home in Holland, where two of his Emmy Awards reside.

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