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Brianna Brown

Playing a Lady with a Hidden Agenda


Brianna Brown

Brianna Brown (Dr. Lisa Niles)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Pretty Brianna Brown joined the cast of General Hospital in 2010. As Dr. Lisa Niles, Brown plays a cunning, manipulative, and competitive woman who wants her old boyfriend, the now-married Dr. Patrick Drake, back in her life - and not just as a friend. Fortunately, Brown is just playing a role. In real life, she is a talented actress, and a woman of many interests, one of which is helping goal-oriented women, and another is geared toward charity.


The 5'7 blond hails from St. Paul, Minnesota, and has been working in Hollywood since 1999. She previously appeared on TV shows like Smallville, Monk, Shark, Entourage, CSI, Without a Trace, The Closer, and Criminal Minds, to name only a few. In film, she's had roles in Spider-Man 2, the 40-Year-Old Virgin, Conversations with Other Women, Knocked Up, and No Destination, among others.

Other Interests

Brown currently resides in Los Angeles, where she keeps very active with yoga, running, hiking, skiing, dancing, singing, and charity work. She began a group for women in 2005 called "The New Hollywood," which today has 26 members and a branch in New York. The idea behind the group is to help women achieve their goals in the difficult film industry.

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