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James Franco

James Franco as "Franco" on General Hospital


James Franco

James Franco as the artist "Franco"

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Known for his lopsided smile and tendency to play intense characters, film star James Franco is new to daytime, but not to television. His breakthrough role was as James Dean in a TV movie, appropriately titled James Dean, in 2001. For his performance, Franco won a Golden Globe award and a Critics Choice Award. Since then, the actor has rarely been out of work. He appeared subsequently as Harry Osborne in all three Spider-man films. After seeing him in James Dean, Robert DeNiro personally cast Franco in City by the Sea. He also starred in the critically-acclaimed Milk and the popular Pineapple Express. In 2010, he starred in the true-life story 127 Hours and won an Academy Award nomination.


Born James Edward Franco on April 19, 1978 in Palo Alto, California, Franco initially studied acting as an English major at UCLA to overcome intense shyness. Once on a stage, he immediately knew where he belonged, and left UCLA to study acting full-time. His first job was in the failed series Freaks and Geeks, which today enjoys cult status. Franco went on to do a miniseries, To Serve and Protect before hitting it big as James Dean. James Franco has been announced for six upcoming films, all of which are in development.

Full of Surprises

Quirky, unpredictable, and uniquely talented, one never knows what James Franco is going to do next. He shocked Hollywood by approaching General Hospital's producers about appearing on the show, agreeing to a two-month story arc, and he has been announced for a guest starring role on 30 Rock. He also works as an artist, just like the character he plays on GH. As far as his film career, with a Golden Globe award and Critics Choice Award for James Dean, an Independent Spirit Award for Milk under his belt, his Oscar nomination, and numerous nominations for various awards over the years, an Oscar for James Franco probably isn't far behind. That is, if he doesn't burn out. He hosted the Academy Awards in 2011 and was criticized for his lethargy - no doubt from exhaustion.

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