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Kelly Thiebaud-Britt Westbourne - General Hospital Actress & Character

Spawn of Two Devils


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Dr. Britt Westbourne, or Britch, as she is known, started working at General Hospital in 2011. Many would say that was a dark day. Certainly Patrick Drake, Sabrina Santiago, and Felix Dubois would say so, as well as Elizabeth Spencer. "Britch" set her sights on Patrick Drake and, realizing that Sabrina was interested in him, did her best to discredit the nurse. Britt finally nabbed Patrick in the shower.

Unfortunately, due to her miserable attitude toward Patrick's beloved daughter, Emma, Patrick broke it off. Try as she might, Britt couldn't get back into Emma's good graces.

The night of the Nurse's Ball, while Patrick was on stage making a speech, Britt interrupted and announced she was pregnant with Patrick's child.

Britt's High-Profile Parents

It took some time -- in fact, it took months -- but we learned a little something of Britt's background. Turns out it's something out of Rosemary's Baby. Her mother is Dr. Liesl Obrecht, a physician who currently is holding Robin at her Swiss clinic. Dr. O lost her license for experimenting on live patients. She was, in fact, working on an antidote for a toxin that infected Jerry Jacks and Luke Spencer.

Britt's father is one of the scariest men alive -- Cesar Faison! So one can either look at Britt as the spawn of two devils and one herself, or as a pathetic human being under the thumb of amoral, strong people.

It's beginning to seem as if we're supposed to start looking upon Britt as a sad case. The only problem is, she can't tell the truth unless she thinks she's lying. She just told Patrick that Brad is the father of her baby. Not true.

Going after Patrick was perhaps Mommy Dearest Obrecht's idea, since it seems this whole plot -- the kidnapping of Robin, having Faison disguise himself as Duke while Duke was held hostage at the clinic, telling Patrick he's about to become a father -- it all has to do with Cesar's obsession with Anna Devane and with Robin. But the final piece of the puzzle hasn't yet hit the table.

Kelly Thiebaud

As for the actress who plays her, 28-year-old Kelly Thiebaud is a gorgeous woman with a body to die for. She began as a model in commercials, modeled overseas, and appeared in music videos for David Guetta before turning to an acting career. Previous to landing the role of Britt on General Hospital, Thiebaud appeared on Days of Our Lives, Castle, Criminal Minds, and appeared in two short films, Duplex, and The Time, and a film, Hostel: Part III. She also played the role of Karlee on several episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

The Time was shot in two days and was entered into the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival. It won runner-up at the festival and Thiebaud was runner-up for best actress. She has an upcoming feature film, Grace Unplugged, starring A.J. Michalka and Desperate Housewives hunk James Denton. In Grace Unplugged, she plays a pop star trying to further her career.

Private Life

In her private life, Thiebaud is interested in the cause of the homeless, and to that end, she does everything from give loose change to doling out food at a shelter at Thanksgiving. For fun, she's currently dating Bryan Craig, who plays the bratty Morgan on GH.

The beautiful actress loves playing a meanie with redeeming qualities on GH, and hopes to do a lot more acting in the future, particularly in films. Because of her athleticism, she would especially love to be involved in action films.

For now, though, she's our Britt or Britch, who's just had someone's baby and may be headed toward a relationship with Nikolas. We'll see what Mommy Obrecht has to say about that.

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