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Nathan Parsons

Mystery Man from Down Under


Nathan Parsons

Nathan Parson, who plays Ethan Lovett

Adam Larkey/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Nathan Parsons followed in the footsteps of good-looking Australians on General Hospital -- Tristan Rogers, Rick Springfield, and Ingo Rademacher. The actor joined the cast as Ethan Lovett in January 2009.


Though originally born down under, Parsons was actually raised in both Colorado and Texas. He worked as a child actor dubbing Japanese anime (ADV) films, primarily Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Devil Lady, and Jing: King of Bandits.

He attended University of Southern California in their theater program. His credits before General Hospital include two independent films, Teeth in 2007 and The Brotherhood v. Alumni in 2009.

Nathan Parsons on General Hospital

The young actor came to the attention of GH when he read for a role (believed to be Dante). Though he wasn't quite right for that part, the writers created the role of the con artist Ethan Lovett for him.

Though initially on recurring status, he caught on with audiences quickly and was put under contract.  The actor left the show in 2012 and has since been busy doing other work.

An avid sports fan, Parsons loves rock climbing, playing football, lacrosse, soccer, and also scuba dives and does yoga.

Parsons has stated that he thinks actors should keep an element of mystery about them, so he probably won't be doing many interviews.

Nathan Parsons: The Facts


Ethan Lovett


January 2009 -2012; returned briefly in 2013

Real Name:

Nathan Parsons

Date of Birth:

June 16, 1988

Place of Birth:

Adelaide, South Australia

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