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Sean Blakemore

A Man with a Mission


Sean Blakemore

Sean Blakemore

He's handsome, he's sexy, he's Sean Blakemore, who plays Shawn on General Hospital. A war vet with PTSD, Shawn started out in Port Charles guarding baby Josslyn. Now he is working with Sonny Corinthos, in a complete turnaround.  At first, it looked as if he might become a love interest for Carly (Laura Wright), but that fizzled.  Then he became involved with Alexis.  When she found out he was working for Sonny, she dumped him.  Someone this handsome should be linked with someone!  So far, though, Shawn Butler is concentrating on his ward, T.J. Ashford, and his mob work. 

Born "To Act"

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Blakemore is the fifth of seven children. Before moving to Los Angeles in 1998, he worked as a model. When he did move to L.A. it was, he says simply, "to act." He did quite a bit of research on the subject once in L.A., asking around about legitimate acting classes, reading the trade papers, the best agents for a newcomer, and getting to know the vast city.

Originally, Blakemore found work in student films, short films, and plays. He also worked as a page on sitcoms doing crowd control. It took him a few years to get going, but when he did, Blakemore took off. His credits include the films Dahmer, Big Ain't Bad, Keeping It Real, Woman Thou Art Loosed, the TV shows Monk, The Shield, Cold Case, the O.C., CSI: NY, ER, NCIS, SGU Stargate Universe, Bones, and the miniseries Into the West.  He most recently played a Klingon in Star Trek: Into the Darkness.

In 2003, Blakemore received an honor at the Hollywood Black Film Festival for his portrayal of an unfaithful boyfriend in Big Ain't Bad.

The Soaps

Before being cast on General Hospital in 2011, Blakemore played Ben on The Young and the Restless in 2004, and in 2009, he did some work on Days of Our Lives. So he was familiar with the fast pace of the genre when he joined General Hospital in 2011. Blakemore was an immediate hit with viewers. He admits, however, that while he likes TV, his first love is film because of the intimacy of the medium.

Personal Life

In June 2010, Blakemore married an actress and dancer, Nadyia Jones. He's not just a talented actor, either. Blakemore is an award-winning Visual Fine Artist, whose work has been shown in the U.S. and abroad.

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