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Rebecca Herbst: Beauty and Talent


Rebecca Herbst: Beauty and Talent

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst)

ABC/Byron J. Cohen


Rebecca Herbst is one of the most beautiful women in soap operas today. She burst onto the General Hospital scene in 1997 as teenager Elizabeth Webber, a member of one of the first families of Port Charles. Herbst originated the role of teenager Elizabeth Webber in August of 1997. She won an Outstanding Younger Lead Actress Emmy for her performance in 1999.


Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on May 12, 1977 in Encino, California. She started her career as a child in national commercials and moved onto television, guest-starring on many televisions shows, including L.A. Law, Highway to Heaven, Beverly Hills 90210 and Step by Step. She has also done feature films and TV movies; Herbst's striking resemblance to actress Barbie Benton helped her to be cast in the TV film Hefner: Unauthorized in 1999. She also costarred in a cable series, Space Cases in the 1996-1997 season. In 1993, she had to finally choose between her two loves, acting and competitive ice-skating. She still enjoys skating and rollerblading as hobbies.

Herbst married former actor Michael Saucedo in 2001; the two met while Saucedo was on General Hospital playing Juan. The couple have three children (a baby boy born in August 2010) and live in Malibu, California with many pets. Though her busy schedule doesn't often permit it, Herbst is also an accomplished seamstress.

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