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Steve Burton Spills the Beans

'General Hospital' Stars Make Appearances for Fans


Steve Burton Spills the Beans

Max is Giving the Orders (Derk Cheetwood and Steve Burton)

ABC/Byron J. Cohen
For those of you who could make it, a good time was had by all at two appearance by several of General Hospital's biggest male stars: Steve Burton (Jason), Brandon Barash (Johnny), Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Derk Cheetwood (Max) in Eatontown, NJ and in Levittown, NY this past weekend. I may get some of the details mixed up as to what happened at which one. They were a day apart, and like an idiot, I had all my notes together.

Burton really was master of ceremonies for the shows. He was in great spirits and just glowed with fitness and health - guess that Monavie Juice does work! I think people who have only seen Burton as Jason would be surprised at what a great sense of humor and fun he has and how lively he is.

He told the audience he likes the pairing of Jason and Elizabeth, but he's disappointed that the character of Jason never has any happiness. He commented that Jason and Elizabeth were engaged for something like seconds before Michael was shot! During one of the shows, he did mention that Jason and Sam are not getting back together. Elizabeth is the woman for him. Jason, he went on to say, is afraid of Claudia and is not going to marry her, which has been mentioned as a possible storyline.

It was not possible to get an answer out of him as to whether or not he was staying after his current contract runs out. Frankly, I would be surprised if he didn't take a break. He says that he has a long, long drive to the studio (and I'm sure has to deal with the LA traffic), which leaves him very little free time. This isn't surprising since he's on screen so much. He claims to know nothing about sweeps reports of moving the story ahead a few years a la Desperate Housewives but wishes his contract could be "fast forwarded."

What he does know about sweeps is that there are going to be explosions and deaths! Well, there is supposed to be a mob war, so that isn't surprising.

On the subject of Sonny, Burton says that any woman who is ovulating will end up pregnant if they get anywhere near Sonny. Very true. He also does a great impression of Maurice Benard's walk as Sonny.

Anderson, of course, made a big entrance from the back of the house singing a Duran/Duran number. Burton describes Anderson as "a breath of fresh air," which he definitely seems to be.

Cheetwood is enjoying Max's storyline with Diane and loves working with Carolyn Hennesy. However, that doesn't keep him from looking around at the other ladies; he would like to be paired with Sam (Kelly Monaco).

Both he and Burton talked a bit about working with Vincent Pastore, which they enjoyed. Burton had one complaint, which was that it was no fun getting hit in the head, especially when they had to repeat the scene several times.

Barash was very complimentary about Bruce Weitz's (Anthony) acting and has watched Weitz on Hill Street Blues. Unlike some, he admits that he doesn't find Johnny's relationship with his sister Claudia strange. Barash struck me also as a little on the shy side and quite sweet. There's an unspoiled quality about him.

Anderson can't do Spinelli apparently unless the cameras are rolling. He did do a little striptease on a table - he's absolutely adorable and seems like a very dear person.

These events are always very enjoyable. You have to admire the energy of these actors to work as hard as they do and then travel cross-country to make appearances. However, it's obvious that they get into the spirit of the event and enjoy interacting with the fans.

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