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General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2009: One Fan's View

A Good Time Was Had By All


General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2009: One Fan's View

Carly and Jax (Laura Wright and Ingo Rademacher)

Adam Larkey/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Well, the 2009 fan club weekend for General Hospital is over.

The event was held from July 17-19 at the Airtel, a hotel in the Van Nuys are. Of course, the venue doesn't make these weekends, the actors do. Debbie Morris, who heads the Official General Hospital Fan Club, works hard on the organization and coordination of this large summer event.

The big General Hospital luncheon, held on Saturday, July 18, was attended by Bradford Anderson, Brandon Barash, Steve Burton, Tyler Christopher, Carolyn Hennesy, John Ingle, Rebecca Herbst, Natalia Livingston, Lisa LoCicero, Sebastian Roche, Kirsten Storms, Jason Thompson, Megan Ward, Greg Vaughan, Laura Wright, John J. York, and Dominic Zamprogna. The biggest surprise was the appearance of Ingo Rademacher, who usually doesn't participate. The line for him to autograph photos and have photos taken was huge.

The actors were charming and funny. Rademacher was full of vim and vigor. He was sitting in one place, and the next time I looked, he was sitting next to Megan Ward, so those two have a nice friendship. He joked that Laura Wright is a pain in the you know what and "high maintenance," which is the secret to their good working relationship.

Some highlights:

  • Greg Vaughan announced a scene between Lucky and Alfred (!), Nikolas' butler.
  • Vaughan doesn't know what's coming up on the show, but he will be working.
  • Elizabeth and Lucky are probably not going to go back to being a full-time couple, as he was directed not to be affectionate with her in the scenes at Jake's.
  • Elizabeth is worried about Nikolas.
  • Vaughan also commented that his thirteen-week extension on his contract ends soon. He asked fans to write to the show and keep hoping.
  • Vaughan and his beautiful wife are expecting another baby.

Tyler Christopher:

  • The character of Nikolas will become a darker one next month.
  • Spencer Cassadine has been SORAS'd, but Christopher hasn't met the actor as of yet.

Carolyn Hennesy

Hennesy had some literary works for the characters. Elizabeth and Jason would be Wuthering Heights and for Spinelli, The Joy of Sex.

It was revealed that Burton calls Sebastian Roche "Frenchie" and Roche calls Burton "Burtsie-Poo."

The Events

There wasn't a lot of what I would call hot news emerging from the different actor events.

Laura Wright Event

Laura Wright's event was fabulous. I wasn't at this particular table, but apparently Wright's ex- co-star, Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light, thought Wright was pregnant because her breasts looked bigger. A fan at the table agreed, and Wright hoisted her breasts up and took a quick look (she was wearing a dress).

  • Wright said that she would like to tape some last scenes as Cassie on GL; however, her ABC contract forbids it.
  • Carly will give birth during the November sweeps.

Steve Burton

  • Burton has NOT re-signed yet.
  • He denied rumors that he and Claudia will get together.
  • Jason and Elizabeth are in limbo.
  • Poor Burton apparently has a tough time with "the two Carlys" - an ex-Carly and the current Carly (Wright) - I don't know if he gets confused or what. I would imagine it's difficult - Brown was formidable in the role, and had many, many scenes with Burton.
  • Herbst's contract is coming up for renewal. Hanging around the watering holes, I picked up that the producers make an offer, and if you take it, great; if you don't, hasta la vista. I'm sure that's true of some of the actors, but I'm equally as sure that's not true with actors like Maurice Benard, Tony Geary, and Steve Burton.
  • In an upcoming scene, Monica will see Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jake in the park with Jason, who turns down an offer to hold Jake. Lucky arrives after Jason leaves, and by that time, Monica and Elizabeth are chatting.

Burton's actual fan event was a little unruly, with the Elizabeth versus the Sam groups.

Bradford Anderson Event

Bradford Anderson's event was pleasant. He claims his karaoke appearance was done in one take, but the gals needed more than one. (He said that at the luncheon.) Let's face it, they did a little more than he did!

  • It looks like Guza has high hopes for Spixie to be a big ratings grabber this summer. Hope they grab soon.
  • A change in Maxie's and Lulu's relationship is coming.
  • Nothing is going to be happening between Maxie and Matt Hunter.

Lisa LoCicero Event

  • LoCicero promises some heavy Johnny- Olivia scenes.
  • She said that actors hide their scripts so that they can retrieve them between takes, and to be aware of that when an actor sits on a couch - there may be a script lurking behind one of those pillows!
  • She likes the idea of Claudia and Dante hooking up as their chemistry is strong.
  • GH considered having her become the new Brenda, but that she did not think that was a good idea. However, there is a resemblance there, as well as a resemblance to actress Sandra Bullock. A friend of her son's mistook her for Bullock in a commercial for what was probably The Proposal.

Other Moments and Observations

  • Steve Burton's Monavie juice made an appearance, and he and Rick Hearst downed some of it.
  • Some actors no longer with the show or who are recurring attended: Rick Hearst, Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks), Ignacio Serricchio (Diego) and Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) were spotted.
  • A female fan won a lap dance from Serricchio at auction!
Sometimes the actors look different in person:

  • Ingo Rademacher and Tyler Christopher are thinner and more defined.
  • Lisa LoCicero is drop dead gorgeous; the camera does not do her justice;
  • Even with very little makeup, Rebecca Herbst is as beautiful in person as on screen.
  • Brandon Barash is much handsomer in person, I think. He also has a great sense of humor.
  • Steve Burton wasn't clean shaven as he usually is, and looked amazing.
  • One doesn't think of the character of Coleman as being close to his family, but in real life, Blake Gibbons' parents were in attendance.

How wonderful that the actors give up a weekend with their families in order to be with fans. Again, kudos to Debbie Morris for her usual hard work.

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