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Rick Hearst - Mr. Awesome


Rick Hearst - Mr. Awesome

Ric Hearst

ABC WebPix
The Rick Hearst Experience is something no fan should miss - and it is an experience. Throw your watch out the window. Rick takes his time.

This most down to earth, charming, special man makes his event a family affair - mom, dad, wife Donna, their two beautiful sons, Cameron and Nicholas, grandpa "Nonno" - are all a part of what is indeed a celebration. One year, Rick's mom made lasagna for the entire group! This year, due to restrictions at the Sportsmen's Lodge, where the annual GH luncheon is held, she wasn't allowed to do that. Instead, the Hearst family presented the fans with gift bags of Italian cookies and a Rick Hearst pin. During the luncheon, the boys were adding ribbons to the bags.

That's what the fans received. Rick himself was presented with a DVD with highlights of his 15-year career and life, including his Emmy wins, appearance on Oprah and acting highlights, all the tune of "Simply the Best." Rick, an emotional man, was choked up to the point of not being able to speak.

Special guests were many as this man is loved by all with whom he works - Corbin Bernsen brought us a funny scene from his film Cable Guy, in which Rick has a major role; Nancy Lee Grahn stopped by; Rebecca Hearst answered questions, signed things and posed for pictures; Sean Kanan (ex-A.J.) was on hand doing the same; Lindze Letherman (Georgie) made an appearance; Cynthia Preston (Faith), in yet another beautiful sundress, spoke of her love for Rick.

It was a total lovefest, with Rick going from table to table, hugging and kissing everyone, signing items and posing for photos. Proceeds for this event went to Escape Children's Theater, a nonprofit organization devoted to bringing theater into the lives of youth. Two of those children are Rick's sons, who were doublecast as the Lion in Wizard of Oz! The boys have announced they're interested in following their dad into the acting profession.

If you have a chance to attend a Rick Hearst event, don't miss it. He's a doll.

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