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Actor Biographies

The backgrounds and life stories of the people who play the characters on GH, as well as interviews and a look at where some of the former stars are now.
  1. Actor Biographies (55)
  2. Actor Interviews (23)
  3. Actor News Stories (11)
  4. Where Are They Now? (17)

Brandon Barash and Bradford Anderson 2012 Fan Club Weekend Event
General Hospital fan club weekend 2012 - Brandon Barash and Bradford Anderson talk about current storylines and what is upcoming for Johnny and Spinelli.

Ryan Carnes - General Hospital Actor
Ryan Carnes, the actor who plays Lucas Jones, the biological son of Julian Jerome, talks about returning to General Hospital after nine years.

Michael Easton - General Hospital Actor
Biography of Michael Easton, GH actor, which talks about his other works and private life.

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