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Scott Reeves


Scott Reeves

Scott Reeves

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Scott Reeves has recently joined the cast of General Hospital as Dr. Steven Lars-Webber. Reeves is the second actor to play the adult Steven. Scott Reeves was born Gregory Scott Reeves on May 16, 1966 in Delight, Arkansas. Reeves' parents moved to California when he was four years old. Reeves sang from an early age and was greatly influenced in music by a family friend, Glen Campbell. While in high school, however, Reeves became interested in acting. After high school, he attended acting classes.

Reeves began to work steadily in 1988, with the role of Jake Hogansen on Days of Our Lives. It was there that he met his wife Melissa Brennan, who has worked professionally as Melissa Reeves since she and Reeves were married in 1990. Reeves' work on Days was followed by film and TV, including Friday the 13th, Part VIII, I Know My First Name is Steven, Basic Training, and When the Cradle Falls. In 1991, he won the role of Ryan McNeil in The Young and the Restless, a role he played for 10 years.

After his run as Ryan, Reeves did some television but began to concentrate on his career as a country music singer. He and singing partner Aaron Benward are the music duo Blue County. In 2004, they hit #11 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart with "Good Little Girls," which is their first Top 40 country single. He, Melissa, and their children, Emily and Larry, relocated to Memphis, Tennessee.

In 2009, Reeves accepted the role of Steven-Lars Webber (now called just "Steven") on General Hospital and has recently been put under contract. Whether or not he will leave Memphis or become bicoastal isn't known.

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