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General Hospital Recap for April 24, 2009

No Stress Relief in Sight


Elizabeth drops a wheelchair down the stairs that nearly flattens Patrick and Robin. Elizabeth feels terrible; she's not used to the new layout (and what, she thought the stairs were the floor?). Epiphany doesn't look happy. Elizabeth gives Robin and Patrick a gift for Emma, an angel bear. Emma has a checkup happening, which Patrick was planning to take her to, but he gets called into surgery Robin says that she'll do it. She goes home, gets Emma, gives her the new bear, and off they go.

After the baby's appointment, Robin runs into Kelly, who is happy that Robin seems better. That is, until Robin admits that she trashed the antidepressants. Kelly thinks that she's being irresponsible. During the argument, she moves her arm and Emma's stroller goes flying down the stairs. Looks like responsible Robin didn't engage the brake.

In the garage, Alexis finds both Jason and Jerry out cold as the car burns. She calls 911 and accompanies the ambulance to the hospital. There, she calls Jax, as a discouraged Monica sees the son formerly known as Jason Quartermaine is injured yet again.

Carly becomes upset over the telephone as Kelly gives her the bad news about ZBT, the blood-clotting disorder. Jax asks what's wrong when she hangs up, and Carly says it's just hormones. She then goes to GH to look after Michael coming back there. She speaks further with Kelly there. Carly has a 50/50 chance of surviving. Carly is determined to make it; Kelly wants her to relieve some stress by talking with Jax. Carly states that she can't, and that's it.

Jax visits his brother, who is unconscious. He talks to Jerry anyway, telling him that he's ruining everything as usual. Carly can't handle the stress he may cause. He leaves the room, and Jerry opens his eyes. By the time the police arrive, Jerry has left the building.

Actually, the stress comes to Carly in an unexpected way - not for us, but for her - when Epiphany informs her that Jason is there, wounded. Carly runs to see him but faints - fortunately, Jax catches her.

Sonny enters his living room and asks Ric what he's looking so chipper about. Claudia, meanwhile, is looking pretty shaky. Ric starts talking about the DVD, but Sonny blows his stack, as does Claudia. Ric advises his brother for the hundredth time not to trust Claudia. Claudia wants to talk to Sonny, but he's preoccupied with getting Michael back to General Hospital. She asks if he's going to see Carly and if so, is he going to tell her about the baby. Sonny responds that he's told her and she wished them a healthy child, and he wished her one in return. Claudia is very surprised that Carly is also pregnant. Sonny remarks that Michael, should he awaken, will be meeting two new siblings.

Later, Ric goes back to Sonny's to bother Claudia again. Now she's looking at baby products in a catalog. Ric is convinced he's the baby - and claims that all he has to do is put the idea into Sonny's head.

Sonny meets with Dr. Henson to talk about Michael's procedure. The odds are horrible - a possible 10% chance of waking up? A larger possibility that he'll die. Sonny sits by Michael's bed and does what he usually does - he asks for a sign. Remember when he went to Lily's grave and asked Lily for a sign after he'd seen her all over Port Charles?

Nikolas goes to Kelly's to try to make things right with Rebecca. She isn't inclined to be friendly. She is grateful for the help during the possible cancer, but other than that, she's finished with him. She says that she has to go to meet with Helena now for part 2 of their scam.

Elizabeth drops by, followed shortly by Lucky, who assumes that Nikolas and Elizabeth are talking about him dating Rebecca. They aren't, but he is. He announces that he's taking Rebecca on a date to hear a group she likes. Elizabeth invites him to have a seat. Rebecca emerges from the back, and she, too, sits down - and according to Elizabeth, she's sitting in Emily's chair. Rebecca jumps to her feet. Elizabeth explains that the four of them used to eat together, and Emily always sat in that particular spot. Rebecca doesn't want to hear about it, and she and Lucky leave.

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