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Alan Quartermaine - General Hospital Dad

The Blind Side


Alan Quartermaine - General Hospital Dad

Jason (Steve Burton) visits his father Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon) in the hospital.


General Hospital fans know that being a dad in the Quartermaine family isn't easy. Just ask Alan Quartermaine - actually, you should have asked him before he died.

Alan's Children

Something tumultuous that involves yelling is always going on in the Q mansion, and it was no different while Alan was alive. He had two sons, A.J. and Jason (later Jason Morgan), an adopted daughter, Emily Quartermaine, and an illegitimate daughter, Skye Chandler Quartermaine.  When his sister Tracy informed him that he was not Skye's father, Alan told Skye that it didn't matter; he would always think of her as his daughter. Such was the measure of the man.

Fatal Flaw - A.J.

Alan had a lot of heartbreak as a result of his children. He repeatedly stood by A.J. and helped him with his battle with alcohol. He and Monica came to blows over his loyalty to A.J. After all, it was A.J.'s recklessness that caused Jason's brain damage and caused him to change his name to Jason Morgan. But Alan remembered Edward's constant verbal battering of him, and he worked hard to protect A.J. Both Alan and Monica were devastated when A.J. nearly died of alcohol poisoning and had to be admitted into detox.

While A.J. was seeing Courtney, Sonny's sister, to get back at Sonny, he told Alan that he was in love with Courtney, and his father believed him. In fact, he, helped them get away from Sonny. What A.J. really wanted was access to his biological son, Michael, who was living with Sonny and Carly.

It was a mistake for Alan to continually turn a blind spot to A.J. As thanks for all the love and support Alan had given him, A.J. cleaned out the ELQ bank accounts, leaving the family broke, and took off for parts unknown.

A.J.'s machinations weren't over. It was bad enough when Justus Ward, Alan's nephew, announced to the family that A.J. was dead, as was Michael Corinthos, who had been kidnapped by Faith Roscoe. It was worse to find out that A.J. was, in fact, alive! A.J. returned to Port Charles with Michael, and Alan hid them. Then his own son shot him in the back. A.J. was murdered at General Hospital.  So we thought.  He was to return again after his father's death, wanting to be a father to Michael and to take over ELQ, the family business.  Monica had known all along that A.J. was revived by Steve Webber, but she didn't want him to face charges for embezzlement, manslaughter, and whatever other crimes he committed, so he hid with her blessing.  General Hospital welcomed back Sean Kanan, one of the actors who played A.J.

The Light in Alan's Life - Emily

Alan shared a special closeness with Emily Quartermaine, who was sweet and appreciative. He tried to keep Emily away from Zander Smith, who had previously kidnapped her, though he and Monica eventually relented and let the relationship run its course. When Emily developed breast cancer, her parents were there for her, encouraging her to seek treatment. However, Emily did not respond to treatment. For a time, it looked as if she would die from the disease. She survived, only to be murdered later by the Text Message Killer. This left a terrible void in their lives.

Jason Morgan

Nothing could prepare Alan and Monica for their pain over Jason. After his accident, unable to remember his feelings for them, he rejected the family totally, even changing his name. Alan had so admired Jason's brilliance and determination to become a doctor.  Now, the man known as Jason Morgan was a mob hit man.

Alan's big secret at last emerged: A.J. had tried to kill Jason while Jason was hospitalized after the tragic accident that left him with brain damage. Upon learning this, Monica was ready to leave Alan for the umpteenth time, even though he had saved Jason's life that night. When an experimental drug gave Jason amnesia, Alan saw this as a chance to get Jason to come back home. It didn't work; Jason soon learned the truth about himself from Monica.

For Alan, fatherhood was filled with sadness and disappointment. Skye and Emily were the bright spots in his life. His sons caused him a great deal of heartache.  But make no mistake - when Alan died, not only did all of General Hospital mourn him, but Jason Morgan mourned him, too.

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