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Bobbie Spencer

Prostitute Turned Nurse


Bobbie Spencer

Laura Spencer's mother Lesley (Denise Alexander), Bobbie (Jackie Zeman), and Bobbie's brother Luke (Anthony Geary)

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

One of the most beloved bad girls on General Hospital was Bobbie Spencer, played by the beautiful Jackie Zeman. Both Bobbie and her brother Luke were brought up on the mean streets and had to sometimes use illegal methods in order to survive.

Since they were raised in a brothel, it is no surprise that Bobbie became a prostitute at a young age. She also had a baby whom she gave up for adoption. This was all before Bobbie became Nurse Spencer and an upstanding citizen of Port Charles.

Going After Her Man

When Bobbie first arrived in Port Charles, some of the old ways of doing things hadn't left her. She fell in love with Scott Baldwin, who was in love with Laura Webber. In order to get him away from Laura, Bobbie claimed to be pregnant, switching her urine sample with that of an actual pregnant woman.

Well, you know, who hasn't switched a pregnancy test here and there? There are other ways to get and keep a man. For instance, when Bobbie fell for handsome Dr. Noah Drake, she faked blindness to keep him. Didn't work.

In 1991, Bobbie found some happiness with Dr. Tony Jones. But the road to romance was rocky before Tony and after Tony. Bobbie's first husband, financeer D.L. Brock, was abusive and wound up dead. Bobbie, in fact, was accused of his murder but she wasn't responsible. Her next husband, Jake Meyers, fell victim to Scott Baldwin's chicanery and was divorced by Bobbie. Despite being on again/off again with Scott through the years, the two never did make it to the altar. Before she married Tony, she went away for the weekend with the married Gregory Howard. The affair didn't work out, as Howard was seeking a career in politics.

Bobbie's marriage to Tony wasn't all moonlight and roses. She drifted into an affair with handsome, nasty Damian Smith, in fact. Stefan Cassadine proposed to her after her divorce from Tony, and Bobbie accepted. Bad idea. Jerry Jacks was next -- a worse idea.

A Nursing Career and Motherhood

Bobbie adopted a black market baby, Lucas, not realizing he was the child of Cheryl Stansbury. When she found this out, she attempted to hide the fact that the adoption was illegal.

By this time, Bobbie had been a respected nurse for quite some time. And she found being a nurse useful when she needed drugs to knock out Stefan Cassadine so she could get a medallion away from him. Later, when she was trying to frame nurse Melissa Bedford, she misplaced files and blamed Melissa. Bobbie believed that Melissa was involved with her then-boyfriend, Roy DeLucca.

Poor Bobbie hasn't been much luckier with her children than she has with men. Her daughter B.J. died in a bus accident. Lucas, fortunately, lived but suffers with diabetes. When Bobbie's daughter Carly came to town, she made short work of Bobbie's marriage to Tony. At that time, Bobbie didn't know Carly's identity. Later on, she found out and the two reconciled. Carly, however, wanted to know who her real father was. In a panic, Bobbie hired someone to break into Sonny's and Carly's home in order to steal what information she had and prevent her from going further.

We don't see much of Bobbie today, but her life seems to have settled down into nursing and enjoying her grandchildren and her brother Luke's family. Hopefully, the hard times are over.

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