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Carly Jacks


Carly Jacks

Carly Corinthos Jacks (Laura Wright)

Adam Larkey/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Bent on Revenge

Carly Jacks: mob wife, loving mother, husband stealer, not so nice daughter, kidnap victim, entrepreneur; she has been all these things and more. Originally named Caroline Benson, Carly came to Port Charles in 1996 with the goal of finding her biological mother and ruining her life. Carly's mother? Bobbie Spencer, now Bobbie Jones, a nurse at General Hospital, sister of Luke Spencer, wife of Dr. Tony Jones, and co-owner of Kelly's restaurant. But life for Bobbie when she gave up Carly consisted of living in a brothel and working as a prostitute. Her daughter didn't know this.

One of the first people Carly met in Port Charles was Jason Morgan. The two slept together. Carly set her sights on her mother's husband Tony, and Jason became involved with Robin. Bobbie was very hurt by the affair and divorced Tony.

Carly met Jason's brother A.J. at Jake's bar. They had sex. Learning she was pregnant, Carly wasn't sure whose it was, but said it was Tony's. A.J., an alcoholic, suffered a blackout the night they had sex.

A.J. stopped drinking, and remembered his night with Carly. She drugged him and poured alcohol on him. His parents found him, and A.J. started drinking again.

Carly blurted out to Tony that he was not the baby's father. Tony left her, and she begged Jason to say he was the father so A.J. wouldn't take Michael away. This meant Jason had to lie to Robin, but he did it.

Carly's Big Plan

After Michael's birth, Carly suffered from post-partum depression and left town. Jason bonded with the baby. When Carly returned, she moved in with Jason to learn how to care for her child and confessed her identity to Bobbie. A crazed Tony kidnapped both Robin and Michael. Jason saved them. Tony was sentenced to community service.  An angry Carly shot him in court. Jason managed to have her committed to Shadybrook rather than going to prison.

Once released, Carly tried to break up Jason and Robin. Robin told A.J. the truth about the baby's parentage.

Carly panicked and married A.J., telling Jason she would have A.J. declared an unfit parent, and divorce him. By the time Carly left A.J., Jason was involved with Elizabeth. Carly went to Sonny's to ask what he knew about Jason and Elizabeth. Sonny and Carly had sex.

Carly then learned that she was pregnant. Sonny went to the Quartermaines to pick her up. Sadly, she fell down the stairs and miscarried. Carly and Sonny, however, became a couple, marrying and remarrying over the years.

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