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Dante Falconeri - General Hospital Character

Dante Falconeri: A Good Man is Hard to Find


Dante Falconeri - General Hospital Character

Dante Falconeri/Dominic Pirelli (Dominic Zamprogna)

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Dante Falconeri - General Hospital Character

Dante and his mother, Olivia

ABC, Inc.
Dante Falconeri - General Hospital Character

Lulu (Julie Berman) and Dante

ABC, Inc.

As portrayed by Dominic Zamprogna since June 22, 2009, General Hospital character Dante Falconeri, originally calling himself Dominic, is a charming young man whose smile, easy and flirtatious manner covered his resolve to bring down Sonny Corinthos. What he didn't know was that the man he worked to destroy was his own father.

Dante's Beginnings

Olivia Falconeri gave birth to Dante, the son she has with Sonny, when she was 16 years old. However, Sonny never knew that the child was his, nor did she ever tell her son the truth. Sonny at the time of Dante's birth was beginning his involvement with the mob, and Olivia wanted to protect him from "the business." She told people that she didn't know who the father was giving the impression that she was promiscuous. Even at a young age, Olivia knew that the most important thing was to shield her child from danger at all costs, even her own reputation.

Dante, as Dominic, Shows Up in Port Charles

Olivia came to Port Charles from Bensonhurst at Sonny's request to be part of Sonny's wedding to her cousin, Kate Howard (aka Connie Falconeri). After Kate was shot at the wedding, Olivia stayed on to help care for her. Eventually, she got a job at the MetroCourt working for Jax. Dante arrived in Port Charles in June of 2009. He was using the name Dominic Pirelli, the same name he had used while working for Anthony Zacchara. Claudia Zacchara hired him to kill Jason Morgan, thus bringing him to Port Charles. What Anthony and Claudia didn't know was that Dante was an undercover Fed, now working to bring down the Corinthos organization.

Johnny Zacchara was Olivia's lover, and he accompanied Dante on the night of the hit on Jason. Dante missed killing or even wounding his mark (as was the pattern with any hit taken out by Claudia) and he himself was injured. Escaping into the woods, he met little Morgan Corinthos. He took Morgan hostage and, when Michael and Carly came along, pulled a gun on them. Then he let them all go free and sought out Claudia. Once he got to Sonny's and Claudia's, Claudia let him stay in her room as long as she could.

Olivia is Distressed to Learn Dante's True Agenda

Holding Sonny's family at gunpoint in the woods wasn't a good way to get into Sonny's good graces, but Dante used his nerve, his likeable personality, and a budding friendship with Morgan to convince Sonny to give him a chance.

Once he was better, Dante visited Olivia. She wanted him out of town immediately. She didn't want him to meet Sonny, and she didn't want him to know about her affair with Johnny. When she learned that he was there to infiltrate Sonny's organization as part of his job, Olivia panicked and attempted to get Johnny reassigned.

By now, however, Dante was settled in Port Charles and had no intention of leaving. Besides his commitment to his work, he met Lulu Spencer, who knew him as Dominic. Though her brothers weren't happy about it - in fact, they beat him up - he pursued Lulu anyway.

Dante worked side by side with Ronnie, his supervisor, gathering evidence against Sonny even as he convinced Sonny of his loyalty. Keeping his identity secret was difficult; at one point, he let himself be arrested instead of Johnny and had to confess to Mac Scorpio that he was working undercover. He also had to be careful not to reveal to Johnny his connection with Olivia.

The Truth Emerges

It didn't take long for Lulu to figure out that the man she was interested in was a police officer.  Dante was badly injured at the General Hospital carnival when he jumped in front of Edward's car, pushing Morgan out of the way. It was believed that he would need a kidney transplant. Olivia could not disguise her emotions during that time, so much so that Jax, who knew the truth, cautioned her to be careful. Patrick Drake did learn the identity of Dante's family and encouraged Olivia to tell Sonny and Dominic her secret.  However, Dante did not need a transplant after all, and Olivia kept her mouth shut.

On the way to a mob meeting, Dante protected Sonny from gunfire, earning points with his boss. As he moved deeper into the organization, he felt guilty about betraying Sonny.  When he saw his mother with Sonny, though, his resolve strengthened. 

Sonny, planning to retire, offered Dante his business.  A jealous Michael found out that Dante was working undercover and told his father. Dante obtained an arrest warrant for Sonny, but decided to wait until after Josslyn's christening to arrest him. 

Meanwhile, Sonny, who didn't totally believe Michael, verified that Dante was undercover.  On that fateful day, Dante arrived at Sonny's, displayed his badge, and informed Sonny that he blamed him for the death of one Lt. Polleti, who had been like a father to Dante.  Sonny shot Dante in the chest.  Olivia rushed into the room and screamed that Sonny had just shot his own son. 

Grappling with his feelings versus his assignment, Dante lied about the shooting.  He said that he had accidentally shot himself while disabling Sonny's gun. He was not believed and was fired, but the Port Charles Police Department hired him right away.  While Dante was in the hospital, Lulu sat by his bedside, and Sonny attempted to become closer to him by telling his son about his own fractured childhood.  Dante had sympathy, but he said that Sonny should be held to the same laws as everyone else.

Dante was very angry with his mother, but he ultimately forgave her, understanding she hid the truth from him for what she believed to be his own good.

Dante may have saved Sonny regarding his own shooting, but he intended that Sonny pay for the murder of Claudia Zacchara Corinthos, his wife.  After his investigation, he realized that Michael had killed Claudia and turned him in.  He then went after Franco, whom he had been suspicious of since he attended his art show and saw a photo of a murder scene and graffiti reminiscent of his first case in New York.  Franco faked his death during an art show in Los Angeles.

The Brenda Incident

Sonny saw Brenda Barrett, his great love, while he was in Italy, and Brenda showed up in Port Charles.  Brenda and Dante had a connection; he once served as her police bodyguard in New York when she was being stalked.  Her stalker approached them one night and Brenda, in a panic, shot him.  Dante covered it up.

Rather than go into things best left alone, Dante did not tell Lulu of his past connection to Brenda.  Because he had put Michael in Pentonville prison, Carly hated him and did not stop until she found out how the two knew one another, as she had picked up a vibe that they were hiding something.  Spinelli found a birth certificate for a child of Brenda's, on which Dante was named as the father!

Carly waited until Sonny's and Brenda's wedding to produce the birth certificate.  Brenda and Dante explained that the child had been her former boyfriend's/turned stalker, and Dante had put his name on the birth certificate so that he wouldn't find out.  Sonny understood, but Lulu, seeing this as yet another secret Dante kept from her, broke up with him. 

Dante and Lulu

For a while after that, it was on again/off again for the couple.  Dante followed Lulu to Florida when she was looking for Luke and saved her from rape.  Reconciliation.  Then Lulu found out that Dante knew that her brother Lucky was taking drugs again and didn't tell her.  Break up.  Following another reconciliation, Dante proposed.  She accepted.  She broke it off because she was too worried about his job on the police force.  Then she changed her mind. 

After they were married, Dante almost lost Lulu when he realized that Ronnie Dimestico was a bad cop and Ronnie kidnapped Lulu so that he could escape.  After she was saved, the couple decided to start a family, but learned that Lulu would not be able to carry a child to term.  Maxie Jones offered to serve as a surrogate for her friend.

It's never quite over for this couple.  Lulu was kidnapped, this time by Stavros, and when she returned, she suffered amnesia and would not stay with Dante.  After her memory returned and they anxiously awaited the birth of their child, Dante's cousin Connie was murdered.  Right now, the killer looks like A.J. Quartermaine, currently on trial. 

Dante and Lulu then learned that the baby Maxie bore was not theirs, but hers; she had miscarried theirs.   They lost in court, thanks to the mudslinging by both Maxie and Lulu, and Spinelli won custody.  Lulu went through a period where she turned on Dante for not perjuring himself on her behalf in court.  She blamed him for the two of them losing custody.

With the baby gone, the two at last reconciled and tried to move on with their lives, but baby matters kept imposing themselves on them.  The two learn that their remaining embryos are missing from General Hospital; they then learn Dr. Obrecht has them.  Ultimately they learn that Britt's baby, Ben, is actually their son!  She implanted one of the embryos into herself and said the child was Patrick's.

Overnight, the couple has a new baby!  Lulu adores Ben, and now he's theirs. They rename him Rocco.  The question is now, what to do with the remaining embryo?  Lulu wonders if she could possibly carry the child to term herself and seeks medical advice. They want a larger family, they don't want to go through surrogacy again, and Lulu would love the experience of childbearing.






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