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Edward Quartermaine

Abuse of Power


Edward Quartermaine

The oft-disinherited Tracy (Jane Elliot) and her dad, Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle)

Scott Garfield/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc

Edward Disinherits Tracy: Over and Over

Despite the fact that he's a manipulative busybody who uses money and power as weapons, there's something likable about Edward Quartermaine. It's just that no one knows what it is.

Just ask his daughter Tracy. She's been disinherited so many times she's lost count. But let's face it - in Tracy's case, the apple hasn't fallen far from the twisted tree.

Edward tested Tracy's loyalty by faking a heart attack and asking for his medicine - just as he was about to sign a will disinheriting her. Does it need saying that Tracy just stood there and did nothing? Yes, she saw Bette Davis in "The Little Foxes" and acted accordingly. When the ruse was revealed moments later, Tracy found herself out of the will.

In 1989, Edward went on a fishing trip and disappeared. Before he left, he rewrote his will and left everything to Tracy's son, Ned Ashton. Anna Devane found Edward doing the "Lost" routine in the Bahamas and returned him to the quasi-loving arms of his family. Once back, he disinherited Tracy again when she ran over her daughter-in-law, Jenny Eckert. Hey, Edward, accidents happen!

Brother against Brother; Cousin against Cousin

Edward's favorite trick has always been pitting relatives against one another. He loaned A.J. money to invest in the Port Charles Hotel, of which Ned was already a partial owner.

In 1996, infuriated that Ned was pursuing a career as singer Eddie Main, Edward purchased Ned's record company, L&B Records. Jax helped Lois, Ned's wife, regain control of the company, and Jax wound up on the ELQ board, which made Edward miserable. It was, after all, his flagship company. Then Jax and Tracy plotted to take over ELQ. Oops - Tracy gets disinherited again.

Then there was Edward's plot to split up Emily and Zander Smith. This time, Edward fakes a mugging and says that Zander did it. When Zander was arrested, Edward made a deal with hijm to stop seeing Emily, and he'd drop the charges. It didn't work - the truth was revaled, and Edward was out of luck.

A Dead Child Appears

Edward received a real slap in the face when Skye Chandler appeared. Skye was the daughter of Alan and ae Cummings. Alan nearly fainted. He thought Skye died as a baby. Why? Edward sold her, and Rae's doctor informed her that her baby had died. At the time of her appearance as an adult, however, Edward felt he could use her, as he was having problems with both Ned and A.J. Skye managed to get enough votes to take control of ELQ from Edward - she was never interested in working with him, only against him.

Edward suffered a heart attack, and while he was in the hospital, he disinherited the entire family and left everything to his nurse Melissa. Small problem there - Melissa was an angel of death, so Edward might have met his maker if she hadn't been caught. Edward was always falling for nut jobs, Katherine Bell and Heather Webber among them.

Edward's unfatherly crimes are too many to mention; he goes from generation to generation causing trouble. However, it has to be admitted, there is something likable about him. If only someone could tell us what it is.

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