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Elizabeth Spencer

One Confused Lady


Elizabeth Spencer

Elizabeth Spencer Webber (played by Rebecca Herbst)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Elizabeth Spencer

Lucky (Greg Vaughan) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst)

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Elizabeth Spencer

Patrick and Elizabethin the operating room.

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Elizabeth Webber Spencer is played by Rebecca Herbst (8/1/1997 - Present)

Beautiful, multitalented, and eternally torn between two lovers, she leads a complicated life in Port Charles. A nurse at General Hospital, Elizabeth was at one time in love with two brothers: her old friend, Nikolas Cassadine, and his half-brother and her ex-husband twice over, Lucky Spencer, to whom she is engaged. Elizabeth gave birth to two children by two different fathers, Zander Smith and Jason Morgan. When her brother, Steven Webber, was Chief of Staff at GH, Elizabeth could lean on him for some much-needed support as she attempted to de-tangle her life.  But now Steven is gone.

Arrival in Port Charles

Elizabeth was born on November 3, 1982, the daughter of Dr. Jeff Webber. Since Jeff Webber is in fact the son of Dr. Steve Hardy, this makes Audrey Hardy Elizabeth's grandmother. Elizabeth and her sister Sarah came to live with Audrey when Elizabeth was 15. Elizabeth had an immediate attraction to Lucky Spencer, but Lucky had eyes for Sarah. Sarah, meanwhile, liked Nikolas. Elizabeth tried to make her sister look bad, but her attempts failed.

On the night of the school Valentine's Day dance, Elizabeth was raped when she walked home through the park. The experience left her emotionally and physically shattered. It was then that Lucky truly entered her life. He helped her cope with the bad experience and, with Nikolas and Emily, to discover the rapist's identity. Elizabeth, Lucky, Nikolas, and Emily became the Four Musketeers, fast friends and often together. Elizabeth and Lucky fell in love. Elizabeth was a fledgling artist, and Lucky wanted them to move to New York so she could study there. On a happier Valentine's Day, Lucky bought her a beautiful dress and took her to an empty church, where they exchanged vows.

Elizabeth Meets Jason Morgan

Then Lucky was killed in a fire. Distraught, Elizabeth looked for love  and found it, she believed, with Jason Morgan. One evening at Jake's, she was nearly attacked again, but Jason saved her. She found the quiet and sensitive young man easy to talk to. When he was shot, Elizabeth hid him in her art studio. Since Jason didn't want the police or Sonny contacted, she asked Bobbie Spencer to treat him. Jason decided the friendship was a bad idea when a bomb nearly went off in the studio. He left Port Charles, thinking that it was safer for everyone.

Elizabeth had a surprise in store. Lucky was alive!


Elizabeth and Zander Smith

Believing that Jason had feelings for Elizabeth, Sonny's enemies from the Sorel mob kidnapped her. Zander saw it happen and recognized one of the men as working for Joseph Sorel. Jason tried to rescue Elizabeth, but she and Zander were locked together in a crypt. Jason rescued them just before the crypt blew up. By then, Zander had fallen for Elizabeth.

On the night of a power outage, Elizabeth was in her studio. Terrified, she ran into a stairwell. Zander rescued her, and the two made love. She was grateful to Zander, but she didn't love him. Sonny put a hit out on him, and she begged Jason for help. Jason hid both Zander and Elizabeth at his penthouse until he could get the young man out of town. Jason didn't tell her the details of Zander's escape, and  when she found out, she felt that Jason didn't trust her.  She broke up with him. Jason ultimately took up with Courtney Roberts, his brother A.J.'s ex-wife.


Elizabeth and Lucky - Marriage #1: Sex, Drugs, but No Rock 'n' Roll

Elizabeth and Lucky decided to marry, and Emily and Nikolas threw them a huge wedding in October 2005. Hard times hit soon. Lucky was injured in the line of duty, and the couple went into debt. While recovering from a spinal injury, Lucky became dependent upon painkillers No one knew, but people around Lucky picked up changes in his personality. He incorrectly suspected Elizabeth of having an affair with Dr. Patrick Drake. He found Elizabeth a part-time job as a private nurse to supplement her income. He was also helping her prepare to become a surgical nurse, which would result in a raise in pay.

Lucky became more jealous and resentful of his wife taking extra work. He interpreted that as her having no confidence in him. Maxie Jones, who had been seeing Lucky's murdered partner Jesse, realized Lucky was an addict. She had always had a crush on him. She used his addiction to become closer to him, by stealing drugs for him. He became dependent on her for drugs. She began trading them for sex.

Elizabeth Soldiers On, with No Idea about Lucky's Habit

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was clueless. She tried to boost Lucky's ego and asked Jason to help Lucky make a good bust. Jason agreed but because Lucky was high, he was almost killed. Jason saved him and killed the suspect. Lucky didn't even realize that Jason had been there. Lucky believed that he shot the suspect. When Patrick removed the bullet, he saw that it had not come from Lucky's gun. He showed it to Elizabeth, and she asked him not to tell anyone. Patrick agreed, but he asked Elizabeth to talk to her husband; he was worried about his drug problem. Elizabeth was in denial and believed Lucky, that he took pills only for pain.

The arrest resulted in a special commendation ceremony for Lucky. Elizabeth threw a party for him at Kelly's, but he never appeared, as far as Elizabeth was aware. Carly spotted him late in the party going up to Maxie's room. She told Elizabeth, who didn't believe her and went upstairs herself. She peeked in and saw hubbay and Maxie in bed together.

When Lucky arrived home, Elizabeth told him that she knew the truth. She insisted that he quit taking pills and stop seeing Maxie if he wanted to remain married to her. Lucky agreed, but it was only lip service. His behavior continued. Maxie was determined to break up the marriage, so she set up Elizabeth to find her with Lucky again. It worked. Elizabeth walked in on Lucky and Maxie - and Lucky was taking pills. It was the end of their marriage.

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