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Frisco Jones: Fleeing the Scene

Dancin' in the Moonlight


Frisco Jones: Fleeing the Scene

Jack Wagner (Frisco Jones)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Jack Wagner can do anything, and it will not fails to set hearts aflutter - from moussing his hair to singing, the man who nearly became a professional golfer found a home in acting, as well as a big break as Andrew "Frisco" Jones, a role he played on and off from 1983-1995.

There's not a heck of a lot that's known about Frisco - he met his future wife Felicia when she broke into his apartment looking for a ring. At first, Frisco thought she was a boy, but yanking off her cap, he discovered that beautiful cascade of blond hair. Jack Wagner also fell for the beautiful woman, Kristina Malandro, who was playing Felicia. She eventually became Mrs. Jack Wagner and went on to use the name Kristina Wagner professionally.

Frisco worked for the World Security Bureau and hasn't been seen since 1995, though during forays into Port Charles, he managed to get Felicia pregnant twice: the first time with Maxie, and the second with Georgie. Frisco is now back in Port Charles, as of 2013, and trying to get into Kristina's life.

As for Jack Wagner, he has recorded albums and had several hit songs while on General Hospital, his biggest one being "All I Need." He later starred in They're Playing Our Song in Los Angeles and toured as Tony in West Side Story. Today, since Frisco, Jack Wagner is probably best known as Dr. Peter Burns on Melrose Place, a role he played from 1994-1999. He joined The Bold and the Beautiful as Dominic Marone, and in 2005, it was hard to miss him singing his hit song "Dancin' in the Moonlight" on the show. In 2000, he fulfilled a longtime dream when he starred on Broadway in Jekyll and Hyde.

And you can find the name "Jack Wagner" listed in many charity golf tournaments.
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