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Jagger Cates

Gang Member with a Heart of Gold


Jagger Cates

Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment

The character of John "Jagger" Cates, compared to other characters on General Hospital wasn't on long - 1992-1994, and some appearances in 1995 - but he made a heck of an impression. And no wonder. He was played by sexy Antonio Sabato, Jr., who returned as the character on General Hospital: Nigth Shift in 2008.

Jagger started out on the wrong side of a gun (is there a right side?) - while fleeing the police after beating up Kelly's owner, Ruby Anderson, Jagger was shot. Lucky for him, Ruby took pity on him and offered him a job and a place to live. Jagger had been left to care for his brother Michael (Stone) and sister Gina at a young age, and the three of them eventually had been separated. Jagger was also a high school dropout.

Jagger's Port Charles adventures included being stranded on an island with Jason, his girlfriend Karen Wexler, and two escaped prisoners, Joseph and Cal Atkins. He was able to save Karen from being raped by Cal, who was believe fall from a cliff and die. However, he wasn't dead, and he and his brother sought out Jason and Jagger, and Jagger was again shot.

Jagger eventually returned to high school, where Brenda Barrett fell in love with him and, as a result, hated Karen. Brenda did manage to have sex with Jagger one night, though he was in love with Karen.

Despite problems in his love life, Jagger found success professionally as a boxer for a promoter named Marco Dane. He also reunited with his sister and hired Felicia and Mac Scorpio to find Stone. Stone turned out to be the teen who saved Karen Wexler after someone put a date rape drug in her drink. When the insecure Karen broke up with Jagger, he returned to Brenda.

After lots of drama, Jagger and Karen came back together, and Jagger joined the police department. The two rode off into the sunset headed for California on Jagger's motorcycle, with Karen accepted into medical school.

Jagger would return to Port Charles to be with his brother Stone while he was ill with AIDS; his marriage ended in divorce several years later. Eventually, Karen died on the operating table after a car accident.

In 2008, the character of Jagger showed up in Port Charles again, working the Night Shift, and he had his little boy with him.

Italian-born Antonio Sabato, Jr., has gone on to a wonderful career, with dozens of films and television guest appearances to his name. He was also a Calvin Klein underwear model and had roles on several series: Earth 2, Melrose Place, The Help, and The Bold and the Beautiful (as Dante Damiano).

There were rumors that Sabato might return to General Hospital after Night Shift ended, but alas, we haven't seen him yet.

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