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Jax (Jasper Jacks)

Marry Me a Little


Jax (Jasper Jacks)

Ingo Rademacher, Jasper Jax on General Hospital

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Jax gets his name from his last name, Jacks. His actual name is Jasper Jacks. The Jacks family hailed originally from Australia, but relocated to Alaska. Jax became a successful businessman, a shark at corporate raiding. He was just the man Lois Ashton needed in order to get her company back from the hands of Edward Quartermaine. Lois was married to Ned Ashton and resisted his advances, but Jax persisted.

  • Brenda Barrett

  • Jax and Brenda

    Jax Meets Chloe Morgan but Marries Alexis

    On the evening that A.J. Quartermaine and Carly had their engagement party, Jax met Chloe Morgan, a designer related to Lila Quartermaine. Chloe lived in Milan. The two clicked immediately - so immediately that when a dance act failed to appear at the Nurse's Ball, Jax and Chloe replaced them to great success. Chloe then received some disturbing news from her business manager. She needed to be married within a month, or according to the terms of her inheritance, she would lose her company. Ned, a distant cousin, proposed in order to help her. Chloe agreed. Ned, Chloe, Jax, and Ned's girlfriend at the time, Alexis Davis, flew to Las Vegas for the wedding. Chloe's Aunt Gertrude also went to Vegas. She informed Chloe that this marriage would not comply with the legal definition of happily married as stated in the will. A quick cover-up was needed. The four announced that they were there for a double wedding - Jax/Alexis and Chloe/Ned. Alexis moved into Jax's penthouse.

  • Alexis Davis

  • Quartermaine Family Tree

    Helena Takes Advantage of Chloe

    Jax and Alexis had a great marriage because they became such good friends. But there was no romance; Jax was in love with Chloe. The two continued to see one another and finally went public. Chloe fell victim to Helena - Helena tried to run down Alexis, believing she knew about Lucky Spencer's kidnapping. Instead she hit Chloe, who became blind. Her sight was restored by surgery. The two couples divorced when Aunt Gertrude found Jax and Chloe together. Jax's solution was to take over Gertrude's company, thus saving Chloe's company. Chloe's problems weren't over - she developed a tumor near her optic nerve.

    Jax intended to marry Chloe and stuck with her. Helena knew Jax's feelings. There was a medication that could help Chloe, so Helena purchased the company and used it to blackmail Jax into bed. Jax pretended to go along with her, but once in the bedroom, he handcuffed Helena and electronically bought the drug company. He then stole the drug sample that Helena had with her. Helena later returned the handcuffs with a "let's do this again some time" look. The tumor had given Chloe some sort of psychic vision. Chloe then had an image of Helena killing her son Stefan. Jax took her out of town. Helena followed them and tried to kill Chloe. She couldn't, but no one ever found out that Helena had been there.

  • Helena Cassadine

    Jax is Duped by Stefan Cassadine

    In order to get Jax out of the way, Stefan set up an elaborate scheme which involved a Brenda lookalike, whose photos were placed in magazines. Stefan planned to kidnap Chloe and channel her psychic talent to kill Helena. Jax saw one of these photos. Stefan's plan worked; Jax left a heartbroken Chloe and went to search for Brenda.

    Jax hired a tracker, Angel Ellis, with whom he also had an affair. Angel had another client, whom Jax met, Kristina Carter. She hired Angel to locate her sister. It didn't take long for Jax, after hearing Kristina's story, to realize that Kristina was Alexis Davis' sister. He brought Kristina to Port Charles. Then he went to see Chloe. He explained to her how he felt, but Chloe did not forgive him. Jax still cared for her. When she was murdered, Jax believed that Stefan Cassadine was responsible. Because he felt an obligation to Kristina and Alexis, Jax teamed with them to find out what happened. The murderer was the evil Stavros Cassadine, who was eventually killed - for a second time.

  • Stavros Cassadine

    Jax and Skye Quartermaine

    Jax had been busy buying up Cassadine interests; now, with Stavros and Helena out of the way, he sold the interests back to the Cassadine estate for his cost. It was time now for him to deal with the Quartermaines. This time, he teamed with Skye and A.J. Quartermaine and obtained controlling interest in ELQ. That accomplished, Jax turned his attentions to Sonny. In this regard, Jax got behind Carly, who was now divorced from Jax, and backed her new supper club. He had most of Sonny's properties in Port Charles condemned. While doing all of this, Jax became very attracted to Skye Chandler-Quartermaine.

    Skye initally approached Jax to get help going after Sonny. Jax didn't like Skye at first but warned her off Sonny. But a relationship grew. Jax was honest with Skye - he wasn't sure he could ever fall in love again. Skye accepted the challenge and pulled the helpless female routine several times. When she was locked in the boathouse, Skye became worried. She'd just argued with Jax. She tried to swim for shore; when Jax discovered her, she was nearly frozen. He nursed her back to health at the Lake House. While using his body heat to warm her, they had sex.

    Skye became frightened for A.J. when he ran away with Courtney - she was sure if Sonny found him, he would kill him. She begged for Jax to help her. A.J. wasn't hurt, though Skye and Jax were too late in finding him. Sonny had another distraction. Carly's car had gone over a cliff, and she was nowhere to be found. Jax wanted to close Carly's club, but Skye convinced him to keep it open as a way of honoring her. Carly was alive, which led Skye to believe that she faked the accident. Jax went along with Skye. Carly was furious and warned Jax not to contact her until he remembered how to be a friend.

    Carly Embezzles from the Club She Owns with Jax

    Carly was jealous of the fact that Alexis and Sonny had a connection. She took money from the club she owned with Jax and paid an old employer of Alexis' to hire her on a job so she would leave town. Jax told Sonny that he believed Carly was embezzling money. Carly had to hand over her piece of the club to keep Jax from reporting the embezzlement to the police. Jax turned the club over to Skye.

  • Carly Corinthos
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