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Lucy Coe - General Hospital Legacy Character

Demure Librarian, Sexpot, and All-Around Delight


Daytime For Planned Parenthood Special Performance
Vince Bucci / Stringer /Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Lucy Coe - General Hospital Legacy Character

Lynn Herring

Mitchell Haaseth/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Lucy Coe - General Hospital Legacy Character

Alan and Lucy

ABC, Inc.

Staid Librarian and Sexpot

One of the most popular and colorful characters ever to live in Port Charles is Lucy Coe. Lucy was played by Lynn Herring from 1985-1991, and from 1993-1997. After that, Lucy became a character on Port Charles from 1997-2003. Dressed in red, she attended the Lila Quartermaine's funeral in 2004.  In December 2012, the character returned to Port Charles on a  recurring basis. 

Lucy Comes to the Attention of Port Charles

When Lucy arrived in Port Charles, she worked as a librarian. She came to prominence during the Jennifer Talbot murder trial. Kevin O'Connor was the chief suspect in the murder of Jennifer, the grandmother of his wife Terry. Jennifer had left half of her estate to Kevin. Kevin had an alibi. He was in the medical reference library at the time of the murder.

Lucy was called to the stand as she was the only one who could confirm that Kevin had been at the library. She made an excellent witness, not for the defense, but for the prosecution. She denied that Kevin had been in the library when the murder took place. However, the demure librarian had written an erotic poem to Kevin, which Frisco found. When the poem was read aloud in court, Lucy broke down and admitted she had wanted to get even with Kevin for marrying Terry, so she lied. Kevin had been in the library that day. He was found not guilty.

Charged with perjury, Lucy was ordered to serve her sentence doing community service. One day, Lucy, her hair in its usual tight bun and wearing her tailored clothing, entered her home. She let down her hair to reveal long, lustrous tresses, removed her sweater and blouse, put on black stockings and spike heels, and turned into a sex goddess before our eyes! Her boyfriend arrived moments later - Kevin! Her courtroom testimony had been a set-up so that Kevin was assured of going free.

Lucy would later write a tell-all book about the events of the murder and aftermath when Kevin was killed trying to murder his wife.

The Husbands and Lovers

Lucy then became the femme fatale of Port Charles, marrying or sleeping with just about every available man.

She entered into an affair with Bobbie Spencer's husband Jake Meyer, became pregnant by him, but miscarried. Then she was introduced to Tony Jones and married him. She and Tony split up, and, dressed in the same red she wore to Lila's funeral, she married Alan Quartermaine. While she was married to Alan, she became involved with Scott Baldwin. However, she didn't stay with Scott long - once she and Alan split up, she took off for New York with another man.

By the time Lucy got back to Port Charles, Scott was in love with Dominique Taub. Dominique was diagnosed with cancer and asked Lucy to be the surrogate mother for hers and Scott's child. Lucy gave birth to Serena during difficult circumstances - in a blizzard and stranded in a cabin. Scott wound up in trouble with the mob, took Serena, and left Port Charles, which devastated Lucy.

Helping Dominique had brought out the non-manipulative Lucy, but the manipulative Lucy soon returned when she became involved with Frank Smith's son, Damian Smith. She bet him that he could not seduce Bobbie Spencer, now married to one of Lucy's ex-husbands, Tony. This put the first dent in the Jones marriage, a dent made worse by the appearance of Carly Roberts, Bobbie's natural daughter, later on. When Lucy met Dr. Kevin Collins, a psychiatrist, she went back to the "good" Lucy who had given birth to Serena.

Kevin and Lucy found the course of their love bumpy. Lucy married sinister Rex Stanton, in order to keep tabs on Serena. Kevin then suffered a breakdown. When he was well, he and Lucy became engaged, and she learned that she was pregnant. However, she miscarried. Then, jealous of Scott Baldwin's girlfriend Eve because of her relationship with Serena, Lucy siphoned off the gas in Eve's car. The car was in a bad accident while Serena was in it; Serena suffered temporary blindness. Kevin found out and canceled the wedding.

Lucy Finds a Baby

Lucy and Scott fell in love again and eventually married. On the night of one of the Nurses' Balls, Lucy found a baby girl, Christina. It turned out that Christina's mother was Julia Devlin. A terrible custody battle with Scott and Lucy ensued. Julie won visitation, which Lucy resented. Then she learned that Scott had adopted Christina. Julie kidnapped Christina and left Port Charles. Lucy turned on Scott. The two divorced, though Serena has stayed in her surrogate mother's life.

Lucy and Kevin found their way back to one another. When Christina's biological mother Julie developed a brain tumor, Christina reconnected with Lucy.  At that point, Kevin's and Lucy's storyline switched over to the spinoff Port Charles, where they became involved with Kevin's daughter Livvie and vampires.

The Lure of the Nurses' Ball

In 2012, Lucy was back in Port Charles when Sabrina Santiago and Felix Dubois visited her at her New York City business, Coe Coe, and asked her to underwrite the Nurses Ball. Lucy told them that she was broke, but she could help them plan the ball.  While in Port Charles, she learned that her ELQ stock was valuable, as Tracy and A.J. Quartermaine were each fighting for control of the company. 

Lucy offered to support Tracy if she would pay for the Nurse's Ball and give her the position of CEO at ELQ.  Tracy gave in, even allowing Lucy to live in the Quartermaine mansion.  However, when she thought a police officer, John McBain, was a vampire named Caleb and stabbed him with a wooden stake, it was time for a new residence - Ferncliff, the sanitarium. 

Kevin visited her in Ferncliff; Lucy wanted his help in protecting Port Charles residents from Caleb.  Kevin wanted no part of it, so Lucy joined forces with Todd Manning and Heather Webber, both Ferncliff residents. The three escaped and headed for Wyndemere. When Lucy found out that Allison Barrington had been murdered, she thought Caleb had done it. 

Allison's son, Rafe Kovich, was in police custody, so Lucy went there. She held Anna Devane at gunpoint so that Anna would take her to Rafe's cell.  But the cell was empty.  Rafe was recaptured, and John McBain was arrested for Allison's murder.  Lucy, also arrested, was sure that John was Caleb. 

Lucy asked for Molly Lansing's help in order to escape.  Lucy started a fire at PCPD.  Molly freed Rafe and McBain.  McBain, who knew he wasn't Caleb, needed to be free so that he could save Sam Morgan and her new baby from Caleb.  Caleb was at Wyndemere.  McBain learned that Caleb was actually Stephen Clay.  His wife, Livvie, who bore a strong resemblance to Sam, had died, after which Stephen suffered a complete breakdown. 

McBain and Lucy saved Sam and Danny, and Caleb died from a stab wound. He was wearing fake fangs, which McBain removed and gave Lucy. She realized that she had been delusional and announced that she was through with vampires. 

A New Business

The Nurses' Ball was a resounding success, and Lucy has remained in Port Charles.  Since then, she has gone into partnership with Laura Spencer Baldwin to develop a spa in Port Charles.  With Laura leaving Port Charles, this project seems to be on hold.  However, she also helped Scott Baldwin with his successful campaign to be the next District Attorney.  The spark returned for these two. Lucy believes that Kevin puts his patients first and is very frustrated with him. This led her to an affair with Scott, and exposure on the stage of the Nurses' Ball when the two were seen kissing by the audience, including Kevin!  Now Kevin has asked the devastated Lucy for a divorce.  Can they get back together?  We'll have to wait and see.

Just the Facts:


CEO- Coe Coe Cosmetics

CEO - Jax Cosmetics
Ex-CEO - Deception Cosmetics
Ex-head - Child Care Center at General Hospital

Lucy Coe Marriages

Tony Jones
Alan Quartermaine
Scott Baldwin
Rex Stanton
Kevin Collins


Serena Baldwin (surrogate mother)
Christina Baldwin (adopted daughter)

Lucy Coe Affairs (Besides Husbands)

Kevin O'Connor
Jake Meyer
Victor Jerome
Tom Hardy
Damian Smith
Greg Bennett
Richard Halifax
Ian Thornhart

Crimes Committed


Let BJ Jones drink cleaning solution

Killed Victor Jerome (indirectly) when he choked on the locket he was going to give her.

Posed as prostitute to seek information on Eve Lambert's past.

Siphoned Eve Lambert's gas tank, causing the accident that temporarily blinded Serena.

Bribed Courtney Kanelos to persuade Frank to sign away his parental rights.


Besides husbands and lovers, Lucy had a pet duck named Sigmund.

Fashionable Lucy had a habit of somehow winding up at the end of each Nurses' Ball in only her undergarments.

Lucy prided herself on her psychic abilities. When Damian Smith was believed dead, Lucy's visions told her otherwise. Thanks to her, Damian was discovered very much alive.

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