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Luke Spencer

The Happy Wanderer


Luke Spencer

My two sons: Luke (Tony Geary) stands between Lucky and Ethan (Greg Vaughan and Nathan Parsons)

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Luke Spencer will never win a Father of the Year Award.

Drafted by Love

It's not that he's a bad father, he's just not around much. Luke learned a love of adventure and travel early. It was the love he shared with his wife, Laura, that started him on the road to family life. Luke and Laura were on the run from Frank Smith when they had their son Lucky, and his early years were full of excitement and bonding with this dad. Luke was extremely disappointed when, after years of living on the edge, Lucky elected to become a police officer. Father and son were often at odds - and sometimes on opposite sides of the law.

After the death of his son Jake when Luke accidentally hit the boy with his car, and the death of his wife Siobhan, Lucky left Port Charles. Family and friends of Luke's staged an intervention with him to encourage him to seek help for his alcoholism. Luke, however, had to quit drinking on his own terms, so the intervention failed. Luke took off, and Lulu went searching for him. Eventually he came home, sober.

Luke's Children

Living with her grandma Lesley, Lulu barely saw her dad while she was growing up, so her experience was different from Lucky's. Now she sees him all the time. Luke thinks she turned out well - no thanks to him. The two, however, have a lot in common. Both are attracted to the dark side - she in her choice of men - Luke in his quest for money. Lulu now accepts Luke for who he is.

Luke discovered a son he never knew about, Ethan Lovett, who came to Port Charles as an adult. He is Luke's son with Holly Sutton. Both Ethan and Luke love the con and travel, and both admire one another. To Luke, this is the child most like him, which drove Lucky crazy with jealousy and resentment. When Robin Scorpio died, her father, Robert Scorpio nearly died himself. In order to distract him, Luke told him that Ethan was his son, and sent Ethan away to lead Robert on a quest to find him. A ridiculous way to get both actors off the show, but anyway, they're both gone.

To Luke, these three children are his legacy, a sign that "Luke Spencer was here." This makes it all about him. When hasn't it been? But have no doubts. In his way, Luke loves his family.

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