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Luke Spencer Biography


Luke Spencer Biography

Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary)

ABC/Yolanda Perez

Passionate and living on the edge, Luke Spencer is the most famous character in soap opera history.


Luke Spencer
Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Sr.

Portrayed by

Anthony Geary (1978 to 1983; 1984; 29 October 1993 to Present)

Port Charles Residences, Past and Present

66 Harbor View Road (Quartermaine Mansion)
Formerly an apartment above Luke's Night Club
Formerly a home with his wife and Children


Owner of The Haunted Star
Co-Owner of Kelly's Diner
Co-Owner of Luke's Night Club
Former Mayor of Port Charles
Former Owner of Campus Disco

Marital Status

Married (Tracy Quartermaine) [2006]

Past Marriages

Laura Webber (divorced)

Tim Spencer (father)
Lena Spencer (mother; deceased)
Barbara Jean Spencer (sister)
Ruby Anderson (aunt)
Bill Eckert (cousin; Deceased)
Jenny Eckert (cousin)
Fred Eckert (uncle; deceased)
Caroline Benson (niece)
Barbara Jean Jones (adoptive niece; deceased)
Lucas Jones (adoptive nephew)


Unnamed Child (miscarriage; with Holly)
Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (son; with Laura)
Lesley Lu Spencer (daughter; with Laura)

Flings & Affairs

Laura Webber (raped)
Jennifer Smith (engaged)
Holly Sutton (lovers)
Constance Townley (lovers)
Tammy Hansen (one-night stand)
Felicia Cummings (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed


Laura Spencer [1979]


Mikkos Cassadine [1981]
David Gray

Stavros Cassadine twice [1983 and 2001]
Frank Smith [1994]
Stefan Cassadine (ruled suicide) [1998]


Edward Quartermaine's Blackmailer


Port Charles Police Department

Attempted Murder

Helena Cassadine


Helena Cassadine
Stefan Cassadine

Illegal Wiretapping

Many occurrences of wiretapping and bugging of the Cassadines.

Breaking and Entering

Several occurrences at the Cassadine compound and the Quartermaine residence.

Obstruction of Justice

Falsely admitted to killing Rick Webber. [2002]


Alexis Davis
Helena Cassadine


Azure Key's Treasure
Transferred large sum of money from Quartermaine account to his
Dead Man's Hand, illegally auctioned

Attempted Robbery

PCPD file belonging to Inspector Morse [2004]

Attempted Arson


Threat with a Weapon

Held a knife to Dr. Cameron Lewis' throat [2003]


Helena, just enough to give her a stomach ache

Money Laundering

Several instances at the Haunted Star

Maladies and Hospitalizations

Assaulted by Scott Baldwin [July 1980]
Caught in an avalanche and broke his back
Injected with a deadly virus [2001]
Run over by a car [2002]
Suffered head injury after being knocked out [2003]
Hospitalized after accidentally knocking himself unconscious [2003]
Fell ill during the encephalitis plague [2006]
Heart attack [2007]

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