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Luke Spencer Biography


Luke Spencer Biography

Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary)

ABC/Yolanda Perez
Luke Spencer Biography

Luke and the son he had with Holly, Ethan

ABC, Inc.
Luke Spencer Biography

Luke and Tracy (Tony Geary, Jane Elliot)

Greg Zabilski/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Passionate and living on the edge, Luke Spencer is the most famous character in soap opera history.

Luke Meets Laura

Luke came to Port Charles in order to help out his sister Bobbie. She wanted him to break up Scott Baldwin and Laura Webber, as she was in love with Scott herself. The plan failed. Laura married Scott. Luke went to work for a mobster, Frank Smith, and ran the Campus Disco, where Laura also worked. The two formed a strong connection.

Frank Smith ordered Luke to kill politician Mitch Williams. Sure that this would lead to his own death, he told Laura he loved her and wanted to be with her. He raped her on the floor of the Campus Disco.

Luke Jumps Ship and the Summer of Love Begins

Luke succumbed to pressure and proposed to Frank Smith's daughter Jennifer. On the day of the wedding on a yacht, Scott found a letter from Laura to Luke; in it, she talked about the rape. As Luke and Jennifer stood ready to say 'I do,' Scott came onto the yacht and attacked Luke, who fell overboard. Everyone thought Luke was dead. Laura was on the dock when something grabbed at her leg - it was Luke. The two stole Frank Smith's black book, evidence of his crimes, and left Port Charles. Smith ordered a hit on them.

Though in danger, Luke and Laura enjoyed an idyllic, if chaste, summer moving from place to place. The hit man, Hutch, befriended them, and the three banded together, Luke and Laura not realizing he had been sent by Frank Smith. Smith sent another hit man. Luke was able to crack the black book code and put Frank Smith in jail. On returning to Port Charles, Laura's guilt drove the two apart, although she wanted to marry Luke.

The Ice Princess

Luke went to work for the Quartermaine family, specifically Alexandra Quartermaine, who wanted him to search for a stone called the Ice Princess. This led to Luke meeting Robert Scorpio, an agent for the World Security Bureau. Luke learned that the Cassadine family was after the Ice Princess, and that Alexandra was working with them. Victor Cassadine obtained the stone, and he and his brother, Tony, took off for their island. Robert and Luke were stowaways on their yacht. They were surprised to find a third stowaway - Laura. The three observed the brothers meeting their other brother, Mikkos Cassadine, in an underground cave. Reunited, Luke and Laura reveled in the tropical land. Victor's mistress, Tiffany Hill, led them to the cave.

Mikkos' plan was to a formula inside the Ice Princess to create a substance that could alter the world climates. Luke and Robert were able to stop Mikkos, Tony, and Alexandra who all wound up frozen, while Victor went to prison.

The Wedding, the Curse, the Breakup

Luke and Laura returned to Port Charles and were married after Laura obtained her divorce. Unbeknownst to them, the matriarch of the Cassadine family, Helena, Mikkos' widow, put a curse on them. A year later, Laura was on the pier in Port Charles and disappeared. A New York City reporter named Jackie Templeton came to Port Charles trying to find her sister. She and Luke discovered that a thief named David Gray was responsible for Laura's disappearance and that of Jackie's sister. Believing David had killed Laura, Luke killed David. In despair, Luke then left town.

While away, Luke met another woman, an English beauty named Holly Sutton. Luke discovered that she was a con artist. After they fought, Luke left. He was injured during an avalanche and believed to be dead by all of Port Charles. When Luke came back to town, he found Holly and Robert Scorpio had married. Later, Luke was elected mayor. While standing on the mayoral mansion balcony, he saw Laura on the grounds and ran to her. She had been kidnapped by Mikkos and Helena's son  Stavros Cassadine and had been a captive in Greece. Stavros tracked Laura to Port Charles, and during a fight with Luke, fell down a flight of stairs and died.  The first time.

Reunited, and It Feels So Good

Luke and Laura took off again, on the run from Frank Smith, who still had a hit out on them. They moved to Canada and had a son, Lucky. When an explosion rocked their world, the Spencers returned to Port Charles. Frank Smith was finally killed, and the family settled down. Luke and Sonny Corinthos opened a blues club, and Luke and Laura had another child, a daughter, Lesley. When Lesley needed a bone marrow transplant, Laura revealed that she and Stavros had a son, Nikolas. Nikolas' bone marrow saved Lesley. Realizing the Cassadines were still after Laura, Luke and Laura faked Laura's death and that of her mother, Leslie, and the two went into hiding.

Luke learned that Stefan Cassadine had a computer virus that would enable him to take over the world's finances. Lucky was able to stop the virus. Stefan was in a partnership with his sister Alexis, so Luke broke them up by getting dirt on her and then encouraging her to help him ruin Stefan. Alexis, as it turned out, was actually the illegitimate daughter of Mikkos.

Helena Cassadine then arrived in Port Charles, seeing that with Luke, the Cassadines had a formidable enemy on their hands. Because she hated Alexis, Alexis came over to Luke's side against the Cassadines, and the two plotted Helena's murder. Instead, Katherine Bell was killed, falling through the railing that Luke loosened on the parapet.

Lucky's Death

Stefan was arrested, and Luke worked hard to frame both Stefan and Helena for the murder. Laura, however, had been on the parapet when Katherine fell and knew that Stefan had not pushed her. Laura was devastated that Luke was responsible for Katherine's death.  She turned her back on him, as he did on her when he learned that she and Stefan had an affair while she was in captivity and that Nikolas was Stefan's son. Luke again left Port Charles.

When Luke returned, he found that in fact, Katherine was alive, and Laura was seeing Stefan again. The next thing that happened was that Lucky was lost in a fire and presumed dead. Luke had a series of one-nighters, one of which was with Felicia Jones. She was helping Lila Quartermaine to write her memoirs. She and Luke discovered that Lila killed her fiance in self-defense and Edward, the man she ultimately married, covered it up. Luke and Felicia never told anyone.

Cesar Faison

Luke then had an offer to smuggle diamonds by a Herr Krieg, whom Luke discovered was in reality Cesar Faison. Faison had killed Robert Scorpio and Scorpio's wife Anna. Fearing for Felicia's safety, Luke said he would smuggle the demands, and Felicia accompanied him. When Faison held the two of them up for the diamonds, Luke handed over fake diamonds. In order to get the real ones, Faison kidnapped Felicia. Luke ended up trapped with Felicia. They lured Faison into the room; Mac Scorpio showed up just in time to rescue them.

Helena helped Faison escape from prison, but his boat blew up as he left the harbor. He told Luke just before dying that Lucky was alive. Luke went to Europe to try to find his son. He had been kidnapped by Stefan and Helena, Luke later learned, and went to Laura about it. Luke and Laura went off to find Lucky, finally locating him in British Columbia. However, Lucky ran away from them. Lucky finally came back to Port Charles, but he had changed.

Lucky Has Returned, but L & L are on the Outs Again

Stefan was presumed dead, and Luke was a suspect. When Felicia testified that she had spent the night with Luke, Laura and Luke were once again on the outs. Their lives in shambles, the couple decided to divorce, though they still loved one another and cherished the life they once had.

Luke slowly realized also that Lucky had been brainwashed, but he was unable to get Helena to talk. He found some disks of Helena's and tried to get Dr. Kevin Collins to deprogram Lucky, to no avail.

Luke and Roy DeLucca searched General Hospital, believing Helena had set up shop somewhere on the premises. Luke also at that point reached out to Nikolas for help on Lucky's programming. Luke finally found Helena's lab. Turns out, the Ice Princess formula was still in use - Stavros had been frozen after Luke killed him. Lucky arrived, and using the brainwashing, Helena had him inject Luke with a biotoxin that would stop him going after her. Luke became very ill from the toxin and had no awareness of time, or which events happened in the past or the present. He ran away and was eventually found in the Cassadine crypt by Roy DeLucca. He hid Luke, and Laura went to Luke to care for him. Luke escaped again. This time, Laura found him and got him to General Hospital. Luke finally left the hospital and pushed Stavros into a pit, and Helena was arrested. Stavros was dead again.

Luke is Kidnapped, Helena Disappears

Luke tried to woo Laura again, but this time, his old fiance, Jennifer Smith, kidnapped him. She wanted the wedding denied her years before. Laura, Roy, and Felicia rescued him. Helena escaped from prison, but Luke caught her and returned her there. However, Helena had hired an imposter to stay in jail for her and disappeared into a convent in the Arctic Circle.

Laura Becomes Catatonic

Laura and Luke decided to remarry. However, Laura started having flashbacks about her stepfather, Rick Webber. Laura came to a realization the night of the rehearsal dinner and confronted Rick. Luke followed her and saw that Rick was dead. He hid Laura, but she got away and went crazy with the idea that she had killed Rick and his girlfriend Theresa. Laura was institutionalized, and Luke was arrested for Rick's murder. Nikolas helped him escape, and then Luke took off, bent on self-destruction.

Eventually Luke surfaced again in Port Charles. Now Lucky was a policeman, which disgusted Luke, and Stefan, who had killed Lucky's girlfriend Summer, was still walking around loose (Luke at one point had been arrested for Summer's murder). During a fight, Stefan threw himself on Luke's knife. His own son arrested him, but Luke slipped away again, hiding at Jax's house, where he met Skye, who was believed to be Alan Quartermaine's daughter. Luke enlisted her help in stealing from the Quartermaines. Later, a suicide note left by Stefan was found, and Luke was free from impending arrest.

The Haunted Star

Luke then teamed up with a con artist, Sam McCall, who held the title to the boat The Haunted Star, so that they could start a gambling casino there. Skye became a partner as well. The cash to redecorate and open the casino came from money that Luke found, but it belonged to a mobstress, Faith Roscoe. In retaliation, Skye was kidnapped and thrown overboard, but Luke rescued her. Luke eventually entered into a money laundering business with Faith.

A New Love and a Sham Marriage

Luke's hard drinking and lifestyle eventually got the better of him, and he suffered a heart attack. Tracy Quartermaine brought him through and encouraged him to have life-saving surgery. Luke had gotten a lot of money from the Quartermaine bank account, and Tracy wanted it back. The two eventually married, and their relationship turned to one of love. When Laura woke up from her catatonic state, Luke went through a sham marriage with her, knowing that she would slip into catatonia again.

However, Laura woke up a second time, on what looks to be a permanent basis, and found out that Luke had been married to Tracy the whole time. Laura decided to go to France for further treatment and heal permanently, and Luke decided to stay with Tracy.

Luke, Tracy, and a Double

Luke and Tracy have had their ups and downs, divorces and remarriages; in fact, it's confusing most of the time whether they're really married or not.  However, now Luke is in a mental hospital, Miscavige, being held prisoner while a doppelganger has replaced him, an evil criminal who heads Julian Jerome's organization and plans on taking over ELQ and ruining Sonny.  Luke does not know who this man is, and at this point, neither do we.  Tracy finds some of her husband's behavior strange, and her son Ned finds it downright bizarre.  Meanwhile, poor Luke, drugged and alone, sits in Miscavige. 

Just the Facts


Luke Spencer
Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Sr.

Portrayed by

Anthony Geary (1978 to 1983; 1984; 29 October 1993 to Present)

Port Charles Residences, Past and Present

66 Harbor View Road (Quartermaine Mansion)
Formerly an apartment above Luke's Night Club
Formerly a home with his wife and Children


Owner of The Haunted Star
Co-Owner of Kelly's Diner
Co-Owner of Luke's Night Club
Former Mayor of Port Charles
Former Owner of Campus Disco

Marital Status

Married (Tracy Quartermaine) [2006]

Past Marriages

Laura Webber (divorced)

Tim Spencer (father)
Lena Spencer (mother; deceased)
Barbara Jean Spencer (sister)
Ruby Anderson (aunt)
Bill Eckert (cousin; Deceased)
Jenny Eckert (cousin)
Fred Eckert (uncle; deceased)
Caroline Benson (niece)
Barbara Jean Jones (adoptive niece; deceased)
Lucas Jones (adoptive nephew)


Unnamed Child (miscarriage; with Holly)
Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (son; with Laura)
Lesley Lu Spencer (daughter; with Laura)

Flings & Affairs

Laura Webber (raped)
Jennifer Smith (engaged)
Holly Sutton (lovers)
Constance Townley (lovers)
Tammy Hansen (one-night stand)
Felicia Cummings (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed


Laura Spencer [1979]


Mikkos Cassadine [1981]
David Gray

Stavros Cassadine twice [1983 and 2001]
Frank Smith [1994]
Stefan Cassadine (ruled suicide) [1998]


Edward Quartermaine's Blackmailer


Port Charles Police Department

Attempted Murder

Helena Cassadine


Helena Cassadine
Stefan Cassadine

Illegal Wiretapping

Many occurrences of wiretapping and bugging of the Cassadines.

Breaking and Entering

Several occurrences at the Cassadine compound and the Quartermaine residence.

Obstruction of Justice

Falsely admitted to killing Rick Webber. [2002]


Alexis Davis
Helena Cassadine


Azure Key's Treasure
Transferred large sum of money from Quartermaine account to his
Dead Man's Hand, illegally auctioned

Attempted Robbery

PCPD file belonging to Inspector Morse [2004]

Attempted Arson


Threat with a Weapon

Held a knife to Dr. Cameron Lewis' throat [2003]


Helena, just enough to give her a stomach ache

Money Laundering

Several instances at the Haunted Star

Maladies and Hospitalizations

Assaulted by Scott Baldwin [July 1980]
Caught in an avalanche and broke his back
Injected with a deadly virus [2001]
Run over by a car [2002]
Suffered head injury after being knocked out [2003]
Hospitalized after accidentally knocking himself unconscious [2003]
Fell ill during the encephalitis plague [2006]
Heart attack [2007]

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