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Luke Spencer Biography


Luke then had an offer to smuggle diamonds by a Herr Krieg, whom Luke discovered was in reality Cesar Faison. Faison had killed Robert Scorpio and Scorpio's wife Anna. Fearing for Felicia's safety, Luke said he would smuggle the demands, and Felicia accompanied him. When Faison held the two of them up for the diamonds, Luke handed over fake diamonds. In order to get the real ones, Faison kidnapped Felicia. Luke ended up trapped with Felicia. They lured Faison into the room; Mac Scorpio showed up just in time to rescue them.

Helena helped Faison escape from prison, but his boat blew up as he left the harbor. He told Luke just before dying that Lucky was alive. Luke went to Europe to try to find his son. He had been kidnapped by Stefan and Helena, Luke later learned, and went to Laura about it. Luke and Laura went off to find Lucky, finally locating him in British Columbia. However, Lucky ran away from them. Lucky finally came back to Port Charles, but he had changed.

Stefan was presumed dead, and Luke was a suspect. When Felicia testified that she had spent the night with Luke, Laura and Luke were once again on the outs. Their lives in shambles, Luke and Laura decided to divorce, though they still loved one another and cherished the life they once had.

Luke slowly realized also that Lucky had been brainwashed, but he was unable to get Helena to talk. He found some disks of Helena's and tried to get Dr. Kevin Collins to deprogram Lucky, to no avail.

Luke and Roy DeLucca searched General Hospital, believing Helena had set up shop somewhere on the premises. Luke also at that point reached out to Nikolas for help on Lucky's programming. Luke finally found Helena's lab. Turns out, the Ice Princess formula was still in use - Stavros had been frozen after Luke killed him. Lucky arrived, and using the brainwashing, Helena had him inject Luke with a biotoxin that would stop him going after her. Luke became very ill from the toxin and had no awareness of time, or which events happened in the past or the present. He ran away and was eventually found in the Cassadine crypt by Roy DeLucca. He hid Luke, and Laura went to Luke to care for him. Luke escaped again. This time, Laura found him and got him to General Hospital. Luke finally left the hospital and pushed Stavros into a pit, and Helena was arrested.

Luke tried to woo Laura again, but this time, his old fiance, Jennifer Smith, kidnapped him. She wanted the wedding denied her years before. Laura, Roy, and Felicia rescued him. Helena escaped from prison, but Luke caught her and returned her there. However, Helena had hired an imposter to stay in jail for her and disappeared into a convent. When they found Helena, they had her sent to a convent in the Arctic Circle.

Laura and Luke decided to remarry. However, Laura started having flashbacks about her stepfather, Rick Webber. Laura came to a realization the night of the rehearsal dinner and confronted Rick. Luke followed her and saw that Rick was dead. He hid Laura, but she got away and went crazy with the idea that she had killed Rick and his girlfriend Theresa. Laura was institutionalized, and Luke was arrested for Rick's murder. Nikolas helped him escape, and then Luke took off, bent on self-destruction.

Eventually Luke surfaced again in Port Charles. Now Lucky was a policeman, which disgusted Luke, and Stefan, who had killed Lucky's girlfriend Summer, was still walking around loose (Luke at one point had been arrested for Summer's murder). During a fight, Stefan threw himself on Luke's knife. His own son arrested him, but Luke slipped away again, hiding at Jax's house, where he met Skye, who was believed to be Alan Quartermaine's daughter. Luke enlisted her help in stealing from the Quartermaines. Later, a suicide note left by Stefan was found, and Luke was free from impending arrest.

Luke then teamed up with a con artist, Sam McCall, who held the title to the boat The Haunted Star, so that they could start a gambling casino there. Skye became a partner as well. The cash to redecorate and open the casino came from money that Luke found, but it belonged to a mobstress, Faith Roscoe. In retaliation, Skye was kidnapped and thrown overboard, but Luke rescued her. Luke eventually entered into a money laundering business with Faith.

Luke's hard drinking and lifestyle eventually got the better of him, and he suffered a heart attack. Tracy Quartermaine brought him through and encouraged him to have life-saving surgery. Luke had gotten a lot of money from the Quartermaine bank account, and Tracy wanted it back. The two eventually married, and their relationship turned to one of love. When Laura woke up from her catatonic state, Luke went through a sham marriage with her, knowing that she would slip into catatonia again.

However, Laura woke up a second time, on what looks to be a permanent basis, and found out that Luke had been married to Tracy the whole time. Laura decided to go to France for further treatment and heal permanently, and Luke decided to stay with Tracy.

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