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Max and Milo: The Giambetti Brothers

Sonny Corinthos' Bodyguards: Brotherly Love


Max and Milo: The Giambetti Brothers

Max and brother Milo (Derk Cheetwood, Drew Cheetwood) peer out from their jail cell.

Chris Chavira/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Brothers on and Off the Screen

Sonny Corinthos' bodyguards, Max and Milo Giambetti, portrayed by real-life brothers Derk and Drew Cheetwood, have been a part of the Port Charles landscape for some time, Max (Derk) since 2002 and Milo (Drew) since 2006. On screen, they play bodyguards to mobster Sonny Corinthos who also assisted Jason Morgan, though over the years, the roles of Max and Milo have been expanded to include their personal lives as well.

Derk Cheetwood

Derk Cheetwood arrived on the General Hospital scene first. The 39-year-old actor, like his brother Drew, hails from Bowling Green, Ohio. He has appeared on countless prime time shows since 1995, including The Mentalist, Jag, Ally McBeal, CSI, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Desperate Housewives, and many others. His film work includes The Postman and U-571. Back in 1993, however, he and his cousin, Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) were waiting tables instead of studying lines, which is what many young actors have to suffer through while they're waiting for acting jobs.

In 2006, Derk married Cari Costner, Kevin Costner’s niece, and they now have two children, Kylie Danielle, born in 2008, and Audrey Jane, born in 2010.

Drew Cheetwood

Drew Cheetwood, who plays Milo, is ten years younger than Derk. He had made a couple of short films before General Hospital. His major profession was as personal trainer on the set of the show, working with the actors and writers. In 2003, he made one appearance as Milo. In 2006, however, he was asked to take the role of Milo on a recurring basis.

Cheetwood married Jenna Vitale in 2011, and in 2013, they welcomed a daughter, Grace Alexandria.

Max and Milo's Father Visits and Thinks Jason Morgan is a Lackey

Being brothers on and off the screen give the Cheetwoods a certain chemistry and appeal, and over time they have caught on with the viewers. He also didn't like the way this Jason Morgan guy was dressed. It showed a lack of respect for his boss, so Jason had to change into a suit. Then he had to bring Big Max an expresso.

To Jason’s credit, he cooperated fully.

When Spinelli and Maxie popped into the office, they caught on right away, and Maxie used it to her full advantage, ordering Jason to bring her a coffee, an Italian fashion magazine, an orange soda for Spinelli, and some pastries. In the end, though he never told his sons, Max Senior was well aware of the fact that his boys weren't big mucky-mucks in any organization.

Milo Helps Lulu Spencer

Drew Cheetwood lately has seen his role expanded considerably. He became “Magic Milo,” the hunk with the fabulous buff build, and was forced into doing a striptease at Kate’s engagement party by a desperate Maxie. Then he was mauled in a back alley by Kate, the boss' fiancee! Now he’s giving shelter to Lulu Spencer, who has lost her memory and doesn’t want to go back to husband Dante just yet. Since Dante is Sonny Corinthos' son -- well, it's not a good idea. Also, Milo is an uncomplicated soul, more concerned with pushups than intrigue, and he doesn't realize that Felix Dubois has a crush on him, while Milo himself has a crush on Sabrina Santiago.

Max and Milo have become more than just bodyguards. They have become an integral part of General Hospital, characters who are more than background and whom we enjoy seeing. The increase in their roles is a testament to that.

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