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Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) -- General Hospital Character

It's Not Where You Start, but Where You Finish


Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) -- General Hospital Character

Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Megan Ward (Kate)

ABC/Adam Larkey
Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) -- General Hospital Character

Maxie is serenaded by Spinelli.

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) -- General Hospital Character

Matt Hunter and Maxie.

Adam Larkey/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.


Maxie Jones is a petite bundle of energy, whose pretty face belies the drive and resourcefulness underneath. She has endured heart problems, the loss of her sister Georgie, abandonment by both her father and mother, and much more in her young life. Yet she has faced all of it with remarkable resiliency. Once, she was Damien Spinelli's "Maximista," on her way to becoming a "Fashionista" with Crimson Magazine. Thanks to the power of love, she was conquering her demons.  But now, she's in deep trouble -- again.

Maxie's Biography

Maxie was born Mariah Maximilliana Jones in October 1990 while her mother Felicia was stuck in her apartment window dressed as a clown. In 1994, she became seriously ill and needed a heart transplant to save her life. Her family rallied around her, and Mac even located Maxie's father Frisco, who returned to Port Charles to be with his daughter. While Maxie waited for a donor heart, her cousin BJ was in a bus accident that left her brain dead. Felicia was overjoyed to learn that a donor heart had been found for her child, but when she learned that it was BJ's heart, she was devastated. BJ's parents, Bobbie and Tony Jones, although heartbroken over BJ's death, were grateful that BJ's heart could save her cousin's life. This event and its accompanying survivor guilt and the feeling that she was a damaged person has shaped Maxie's life.

With health and family problems so early in life, Maxie's issues were challenging, and for most of it, she reacted to it as a rebellious and promiscuous teenager. She and her sister Georgie spent a large part of their childhoods on their grandmother's ranch in Texas. Frisco took off early on, and Felicia seemed to always be traveling. When Felicia did reach out to her children, Maxie at first rejected her, later relenting.

Some stability came into the Jones girls' lives when Mac Scorpio and Felicia married, and Mac became, and remains, the only father the sisters have really known. When Felicia and Mac divorced, the girls wound up in Texas again, though Felicia did move them back to Port Charles. Maxie was miserable in Port Charles and longed to return to Texas. She blamed Felicia for the breakup with Mac. When Luke Spencer came into Felicia's life, Maxie and her mother had reconciled, and Maxie thought the relationship with Luke was a good idea. However, her good feelings for Felicia didn't last long, and she finally ran away from home. Lucky Spencer found her in the boxcar where he and Elizabeth hung out and convinced her to go home. Maxie already had a crush on Lucky; this encounter only increased it.

Living Out Loud: The Teen Years

Maxie spent her teen years in trouble for one thing or another: buying beer when she was under age, lying, trying to date older guys, attending parties she was forbidden to attend, babysitting for Lulu and putting the child in danger when fire broke out, backstabbing her mother with Roy DiLuca by telling him that Felicia was interested, and trying to seduce Lucky. To get her attention off of Lucky, Felicia arranged a waitressing job for her daughter at Kelly's one summer. She was fired her first day on the job.

In her attempt to become more popular, Maxie went after the hot high schooler Kyle and used Lucas Jones as her date to Kyle's keg party. She and Kyle get together, but when it came to having sex, she was all talk. Kyle told everyone that he slept with her. Lucas called his bluff by telling him that his one-night stand was pregnant; Kyle then admitted that he never slept with Maxie. Later on, Kyle crashed Maxie's party, which was halted by Mac. Eventually, Maxie slept with Kyle, who filmed it all on a web cam and broadcast it on the Internet. Kyle claimed to know nothing about the camera, and Maxie believed him. Even when he finally admitted that he did it on a bet, she didn't turn him in. At a Speakeasy with Kyle that she entered with a fake ID, she overdosed on drugs and wound up in the hospital.

Despite Mac continually driving Kyle away, Maxie continued to see him. Kyle suggested that she start acting like the ideal teen to get Mac off of her back. She thought it was a good idea and volunteered as a candy striper at GH. Kyle talked her into stealing drugs, which they both took.

Maxie Goes Into Heart Failure

Maxie split town for a time, and when she returned, she was in heart failure. While in the hospital, she met a young policeman, Jesse Beaudry.  She entered into a relationship with him, but Jesse was killed only a few months later. She re-focused on Lucky, who was Jesse's partner. Lucky at this point was not only grief-stricken, but heavily in debt. He suffered a horrible back injury and developed an addiction to pain killers. Maxie stole the pain killers from the hospital for him as his addiction grew stronger, and the two began an affair. Since he was still married to Elizabeth and in love with her, Maxie tried to destroy the marriage. To hold him, she faked suicide; when that didn't work, she faked pregnancy.

Faking pregnancy required some thinking ahead, something Maxie seemed unable to do. By the time she started thinking about showing, it was already too late. Unable to seduce Diego Alcazar, she finally forced an argument with Lulu and fell down a flight of stairs in order to announce that she miscarried. It was a boon to her relationship with Lucky, who felt terrible and was very supportive until Elizabeth learned the truth. Lucky wasn't happy but he forgave her. He told Elizabeth that he and Maxie would never be anything but friends.

The Text Message Killer and the Hostage Crisis

Maxie landed a job at the MetroCourt boutique and was there the night gunmen took over the hotel and held everyone hostage.  She was trapped inside a vault with one of the gunmen.  It was inevitable that after fifteen hours, the two became friends.  She even helped him hide after the hotel exploded.  The man, Cooper Barrett, stayed in Port Charles, first working as a security guard and later joining the Port Charles Police Department.

After meeting a friend of Cooper's, Logan Hayes, Maxie hatched another plot.  She hated Lulu Spencer because she believed Lulu had destroyed Georgie's marriage to Dillon.  She told Logan that she would sleep with him if he seduced Lulu and dumped her.  When Cooper found out, he broke up with her.  Eventually they reconciled, but it was too late for them.  The Text Message Killer struck again, this time killing Georgie.

The murder meant that Felicia returned to Port Charles.  Maxie was furious -- it took Georgie's death for her to come home?  Felicia was working with Frisco, which meant nothing to Maxie.  Her daughters obviously meant nothing to her, she decided, and said so at Georgie's memorial. 

Cooper was exposed as being the Text Message Killer, and Maxie found him hanged.  His DNA was found under Georgie's fingernails.  Maxie asked Damien Spinelli to investigate, and it turned out that Diego Alcazar was the true killer.

Heartsick from so much loss, Maxie went to work for Crimson Magazine as Kate Howard's assistant.  She was happy about at least that, until she found out she was job-sharing...with Lulu. 


Spinelli had had a crush on Georgie, which transferred to her sister.  But Maxie was interested in other things, particularly destroying Lulu.  Claudia offered her money to get Johnny Zacchara away from Lulu.  Then Lulu's ex-boyfriend, Logan Hayes, was murdered.  Maxie was looking for Lulu when Logan attacked her at Crimson.  Lulu stabbed him.  Maxie, Johnny, and Claudia covered up what happened. 

Maxie finally slept with Spinelli.  When he was hit by a car trying to protect her, she gave permission for Dr. Matt Hunter to perform the surgery.  He saved Spinelli, for which Maxie was grateful. 

Maxie took an apartment with Johnny and Lulu.  She was done working for Claudia and disinterested in anything to do with Lulu.  She was busy planning the wedding of Robin and Patrick.  She did find herself attracted to Johnny, and the feeling was mutual.  Both felt they hurt anyone who crossed their paths.  There were some kisses, but nothing further. 

One day, while Johnny and Maxie drove home during a winter storm, they found Robin's minivan on the side of the road.  Maxie and Johnny found Emma and Robin in the snow, and they cared for Emma when Robin went to help at the hospital because a deadly bio-toxin had been released. Maxie tried to go in after Spinelli when she learned that he was inside, but Johnny pulled her out.

Maxie and Johnny were able to explain why they had been together the night of the winter storm, but Lulu and Spinelli sensed the growing attraction. Both of them were jealous when Kate hired Johnny to escort Maxie to Crimson events. Maxie proved she cared for Spinelli when she helped rescue him from an art thief named Cassandra Prescott, but she continued to be drawn to Johnny. Spinelli pushed her away after he witnessed a kiss between her and Johnny.

In order to win Spinelli back, Maxie invented a stalker. Spinelli soon realized Maxie had faked her distress, but the pair worked together to uncover that Kate Howard was sabotaging Crimson. Spinelli hoped Kate would be fired so she could no longer require Johnny to be the escort of the woman he loved. Kate kept her job, but Johnny stopped escorting Maxie after Lulu and Johnny broke up. Although Spinelli was not ready to trust Maxie yet, he allowed her to help in the investigation into the death of Mayor Floyd's mistress, Brianna Hughes.

Eventually, Spinelli and Maxie started dating again, and Spinelli proposed marriage. Several times. He proposed after a night in bed, he proposed after he serenaded her at Jake's, and then he proposed after asking her Uncle Mac for permission, which was not granted. At the same time, Maxie was offered a promotion to Junior Editor at Crimson. She stalled giving Spinelli an answer until Mac forbade her from marrying Spinelli. She accepted Spinelli's proposal out of rebellion and planned to procrastinate on making any wedding plans, until Kate decided to use the wedding for a feature in Crimson.

Maxie privately confessed to Jason she did not want to get married, but she would go through with the wedding because she loved Spinelli and did not want to hurt him. Unbeknownst to Maxie, Spinelli overheard her conversation with Jason. When the wedding day arrived, Maxie and Spinelli stood at the altar to be married until Spinelli stated he could not marry her because they were not ready. Maxie was relieved, and she and Spinelli celebrated their non-wedding with karaoke at Jake's.

Although Spinelli was Maxie's non-husband, she still fell into her familiar pattern of cheating when she met an eccentric artist named Franco and had a one-night stand with him. She felt guilty afterwards and was horrified when she learned Franco was a psychopath obsessed with Jason. Maxie debated telling Spinelli the truth, especially after Franco sent Jason compromising pictures of her.  When Spinelli overheard her admit she had slept with Franco, he was deeply hurt by her betrayal. Their relationship was strained. Maxie decided Spinelli would need to cheat, as well, to get their relationship back on track, but he refused.

Spinelli wanted to repair their relationship, so he set up a fake investigation in which he could emerge as Maxie's hero. His plan did not work, and they were trapped in a storm drain until Johnny rescued them. Maxie developed pneumonia, which became more dangerous because she was a heart transplant recipient. While she was in critical condition, she had a vision of Georgie trying to lead her to the other side, but Maxie fought her way back and recovered. She did not blame Spinelli for what had happened, but Spinelli felt guilty for endangering her life, and he agreed with her Uncle Mac that she deserved someone better than him.

Maxie and Spinelli drifted further apart when Spinelli sank into a depression after Jason went to prison. Spinelli disagreed with Jason's decision to voluntarily go to Pentonville to protect Sonny's son Michael. Spinelli focused on freeing Jason from prison and punishing those involved in sending Michael to prison.

Maxie wanted to pull Spinelli out of his funk, so she decided to refocus his attention on her. She planned to make Spinelli jealous by dating Matt Hunter, Patrick Drake's brother.  At first, she tolerated Matt for the purpose of her plan, but as they spent more time together, she was surprised to learn she enjoyed spending time with him. She became conflicted about her relationships with Spinelli and Matt, and was unsure which one she should pursue. Spinelli decided for her when he ended their relationship after he saw her kissing Matt.

Matt Hunter, Murder, and the Death of Robin Scorpio

Even though Maxie still cared for Spinelli, she continued to date Matt and the relationship became more serious. Matt was impressed by Maxie's unwavering support of her cousin Robin while Lisa Niles made trouble for Robin and her husband Patrick.

When Lisa Niles exacted her revenge against Robin and Patrick, she also included Maxie, since Maxie had continually attacked Lisa in defense of Robin. Lisa had a gun, and she took Robin, Patrick, Steve Webber, and Maxie hostage in a hospital conference room. When Spinelli learned that Maxie was in danger, he climbed through an air vent to protect her. Lisa tried to shoot her, but Spinelli jumped in front of the bullet.  He required surgery, and when he woke up, he had a different personality, that of Jackal, P.I., who seemed modeled on a '40s gumshoe.  Maxie blamed herself.

Maxie consulted with Jason regarding Spinelli.  She decided that Jason should propose to Sam as a way to pull Spinelli out of the "Jackal, P.I." mode. Jason did not follow this logic, but he made plans to ask Sam to marry him. Maxie helped him choose a ring for Sam, but when she tried it on it slipped off and fell over the balcony ledge. She took Spinelli into the sewer with her to search for the ring in hopes of jogging his memory about their past together. He was unable to recall who he was but the ring was found.

The obsession with helping Spinelli caused a rift in Maxie's relationship with Matt. She often cancelled her plans with Matt or spent her time with him brainstorming new ways to bring back the former version of Spinelli. During this time, Matt befriended Elizabeth which made Maxie jealous. Despite her feelings toward Elizabeth, the two women worked together when they were kidnapped and held hostage by the Zacchara organization. Each had inadvertently witnessed crimes of the Zacchara family. Maxie escaped and ran straight into danger but Spinelli protected her. Afterward, he kissed her and she believed his true personality had returned.

Both Elizabeth and Maxie were checked out at the hospital after their ordeal. Maxie was frustrated when Matt seemed more concerned about Elizabeth than her. She remained jealous while she planned the nuptials for Sam and Jason. Matt attended the reception as her date but she and Spinelli grew closer as he gave a toast about love that was directed toward her. Despite Spinelli's words, Maxie remained with Matt and asked him to join her as the subject of a feature in Crimson after his cancer research was published. The article would focus on them as a couple, highlighting specifically the role Maxie played in supporting Matt's career. Matt declined the offer and was dismayed that she had tried to make his success about her.

A combination party was planned to celebrate Robin's birthday and Matt's research publication but Matt invited Elizabeth to be his guest instead of Maxie. She was hurt by his decision and decided to crash the party, which was held on a chartered boat. While Maxie waited on the pier to join the party, she pulled Anthony Zacchara out of the water. He informed her that Lisa Niles was on the loose and thanked Maxie for saving him. He stated that he owed her a favor.

Maxie made it onto the boat. She expected to find Elizabeth in Matt's arms but instead found blood on a doorknob and a dead boat captain. The police arrived shortly after and she learned that Lisa Niles had been onboard but had gone missing. One officer questioned Maxie's red-stained hands but she explained that a bottle of nail polish had exploded in her purse. Later when Lisa Niles turned up dead, Maxie and everyone else on the boat was considered a suspect in her murder.

In the aftermath of Lisa's death, Maxie noticed that Matt, Robin, and Patrick acted strangely and she was concerned someone close to her had killed Lisa. Mac refused to drop the case so Maxie called in her favor from Anthony Zacchara. He arranged for someone else to confess to the murder, but considered Maxie to be in his debt now. In the meantime, Lulu married her boyfriend Dante and moved out of the apartment she shared with Maxie. Soon after, Anthony coerced Maxie into planning his wedding to Tracy Quartermaine. He dropped in on Maxie occasionally to discuss the wedding, which made her feel unsafe as she was now living alone. She asked Matt to move in with her but he refused. Spinelli moved in as her roommate instead.

Maxie hoped that Matt would react in a jealous fashion to the news that Spinelli moved in, but Matt did not care and he continued to befriend Elizabeth. The rift between Maxie and Matt widened and Matt ended their relationship. Maxie believed Elizabeth had been the catalyst for their break-up and she retaliated. In retaliation, she reported to Monica that Elizabeth had stolen medication from the hospital to give to Lucky. As a result, Elizabeth was suspended from the hospital. This action pushed Matt further away.

Maxie was devastated over the end of her relationship with Matt, and she visited Robin in the hospital lab. Their meeting did not go well, and Maxie grabbed her coat and purse and left in a huff.  After she left, she tried to reconcile with Matt and she recanted her statement against Elizabeth.

Maxie's focus soon shifted away from restoring her relationship with Matt when she learned that Robin had been killed in an explosion in the lab. Maxie tried to bury herself in work especially after she heard the details about the explosion and realized she caused the gas leak when her purse strap was caught on a gas line and she yanked it away.

Mac, Lulu and Spinelli all tried to comfort Maxie.  She refused to attend Robin's funeral and instead went into work wearing a bright red dress. Spinelli eventually convinced her to attend and she decided to speak at the funeral. She announced that it was her fault that Robin was dead because she had killed her. Everyone assumed Maxie was speaking out of grief even after she explained her role in causing the gas leak. Her friends and family again stated that it was an accident and she was not responsible for Robin's death.

Maxie insisted that she needed to be punished, announcing that she needed to be arrested because she had also killed Lisa Niles. She claimed Anthony Zacchara had helped her cover up the murder by arranging for someone else, Officer Briggs, to take the fall. Mac was forced to arrest Maxie. When the day of her sentencing arrived, Spinelli accused her of taking the blame for a murder that she did not commit,  He named Matt as Lisa's killer although Matt had been too intoxicated to recall committing the crime. Maxie knew that Spinelli was correct but she begged him to keep the secret so Patrick and Emma would not lose Matt so soon after losing Robin.

Maxie is Exonerated

The sentencing hearing started and Maxie was not pleased when she saw her mother in attendance. Felicia and Spinelli both spoke on Maxie's behalf to no avail. The judge issued Maxie a sentence of twenty years in Pentonville without parole. Her family and friends were distraught but Maxie announced that she was ready to begin her sentence.

Life inside of prison was harder than Maxie had expected and she was harassed and beaten up by some of the other inmates. Spinelli visited Maxie and announced that she would soon be free because he had proof that she had not killed Lisa Niles. The evidence was in the form of video surveillance footage and it showed an unidentified man hitting Lisa over the head with a wrench. Maxie was relieved to hear that Spinelli had found a way to exonerate her without sacrificing Matt but her joy shifted to anger when she learned she would have to testify against Matt. She outmaneuvered the legal system by marrying Matt so that she could not be compelled to testify against him.

Spinelli was crushed by the news of Maxie's marriage and begged her reconsider her decision. Maxie insisted that she was glad to be married to Matt. However, the following day, Matt confessed to Lisa's murder and was sentenced to Pentonville. Matt suggested divorce but Maxie chose to remain married. She felt uncomfortable living with Spinelli and decided to move in with Patrick in order to assist him with Emma. A few months later, she realized that she was still in love with Spinelli and filed for a divorce.

Surrogacy and Spinelli

Maxie moved back to her apartment and allowed Spinelli's new girlfriend, Ellie Trout, to become her roommate. She soon regretted her decision after confessing to Spinelli that she was still in love with him.  She asked him to break up with Ellie to be with her instead.  Spinelli did not choose Maxie and she was crushed by his rejection.

Maxie distracted herself by agreeing to be a surrogate for Lulu and her husband Dante. On New Year's Eve, whiles still early in the pregnancy, Maxie suffered a miscarriage. Spinelli arrived.  He believed Ellie had stood him up for their date.  In reality, she was in a car accident. The two found comfort in one another's arms and made love.

After Maxie's night with Spinelli, she believed they were going to be together. Maxie met with her doctor, Britt Westbourne, and learned that she and Spinelli had conceived a child. Although Maxie had not told Lulu and Dante that she had lost their baby, she focused on the new pregnancy and planned to tell Spinelli her news. Spinelli had news of his own and announced that he and Ellie had reconciled. Maxie was crushed and chose not to tell Spinelli about the pregnancy. Instead, she decided to allow Dante and Lulu to believe the child she was carrying was theirs.

Only Maxie and her doctor knew the truth about the baby. She begged Britt to keep her secret and she agreed in exchange on one condition. Britt required that Maxie help her destroy a nursing student named Sabrina Santiago. Britt blamed Sabrina for her break-up with Patrick and wanted Sabrina to pay. Maxie reluctantly agreed to Britt's terms.

When Frisco arrived in town, he claimed he wanted to the chance to be a part of Maxie's life. She gave him the opportunity and shared the truth with him regarding the child she was carrying and her troubles with Britt. Frisco dealt with Britt, and Maxie was touched by her father's actions. However, Frisco left Port Charles again after he realized that Felicia would not be taking him back.

After Frisco's departure, Ellie hacked into Maxie's medical records and learned the truth regarding the baby. Ellie threatened to tell Spinelli until Maxie convinced her that telling the truth would only push Spinelli back into her arms. As the pregnancy progressed, Maxie learned that she was having a daughter and she started to bond with the baby. She referred to her as "Georgie," which caused Dante and Lulu to believe that she was becoming too attached.  Maxie claimed that there was nothing to worry about and spent the final weeks of her pregnancy helping Mac and Felicia with their wedding.

At Mac and Felicia's reception, Maxie went into labor and later gave birth.  Afterwards, she wanted to see the child and kept referring to the baby as her daughter. Her family, along with Dante and Lulu, were concerned with Maxie's attachment. Meanwhile, Ellie told Spinelli the truth about the baby and he confronted Maxie about giving away their daughter. Maxie realized that she wanted her daughter, so Spinelli stood by her as she told Dante and Lulu the truth.  Since the couple was already attached to Connie, a bitter custody fight ensued.  In the end, because Lulu and Maxie had each testified that the other was unfit, the Judge awarded custody to Spinelli.  Maxie cannot see the child for six months.

Lulu blamed Dante for them losing custody of Connie.  On the stand, she denied that she ever planned to run away with Connie.  When it was his turn to testify, Dante told the court the truth.  The marriage at this moment is on rocky ground.

As for Maxie, she is suffering the consequences of her decision.  

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