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Nikolas Cassadine

Nikolas Cassadine: The Reluctant Prince


Nikolas Cassadine

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Born into Royalty

Prince by birth, darkly handsome and mysterious, Nikolas Cassadine lives on Spoon Island in Wyndemere castle.

Nikolas is the son of Stavros Cassadine and Laura Spencer, conceived while Laura was held captive by the Cassadines. After Luke Spencer killed Stavros, Laura returned with Luke to Port Charles. Nikolas was raised by his Uncle Stefan, whom he believed to be his father. He eventually traveled to Port Charles to help his baby half-sister, Lulu, who was in need of a bone marrow transplant. After the life-saving procedure, he and Stefan stayed in Port Charles.

Later, Laura faked her death because of threats against her by the Cassadine family,and Stefan became engaged to Katherine Bell, the head of Deception Cosmetics. The night of their engagement party, Laura returned from the dead and informed Katherine that Stefan was Nikolas' true father. The night turned to tragedy when Katherine fell from the parapet in an accident that was arranged for Helena Cassadine. Katherine apparently died; it was learned that she survived due to experimental drugs given to her by Helena.

After Katherine returned to Port Charles, Helena urged her to go after Nikolas as a way to get back at Stefan. Katherine fell in love with Nikolas. Nikolas proposed marriage after Katherine announced she was pregnant, which was untrue. She planned to have a "miscarriage" right before the wedding and figured that Nikolas would stay with her out of guilt. She wasn't counting on Helena, who threw her off the parapet and killed her for real this time.

Nikolas had rejected his mother Laura, angry that she had faked her death. At this time, he also was incensed to learn that Stefan had been his real father all along. He felt betrayed. He also realized that this released him from the burden of being a prince, and with Lulu and Lucky, he had a family. So he stayed in Port Charles.

Love , Illness, and Some Paternity Confusion

While in school, Nikolas became involved with Sarah Webber, Elizabeth Webber's sister. During an evening at Luke's club, violence broke out, and Nikolas was shot by a bullet intended for Jason Morgan. Nikolas suffered a stroke; Jason, who had studied to become a doctor, saved his life. However, due to his injury, Nikolas was unable to speak for a time. He became ashamed and embarrassed, refusing to see Sarah. Their relationship ended.

Another woman would soon captivate Nikolas. Her name was Gia Campbell, a beautiful blackmailer. Gia turned out to be just someone down on her luck. When she became unemployed, Nikolas asked her to move in with him for free. With Stefan back from the dead, Gia was Nikolas' confidant. A romance evolved.

Then another switch occurred with Nikolas' paternity: Nikolas was indeed Stavros Cassadine's son. Helena had lied to Stefan in order to get to the Cassadine fortune, which went to the prince. This meant that Nikolas was the Cassadine prince. Stefan faked his death to get away from Helena; not knowing of his plan, Nikolas was devastated to lose him.

Lucky's Death and Resurrection

The friendship that Nikolas shared with Emily, Lucky, and Elizabeth was hit by tragedy when it appeared that Lucky died in a fire. It wasn't until a year later that Nikolas learned that Lucky could be alive. He and Elizabeth traveled to New York City and found him.

Nikolas wanted to protect Lucky from Helena, who had been kidnapped, held captive and brainwashed. To put on an act for his grandmother, he broke it off with Gia and acted loyal to Helena. Helena in turn was busy in the sub-sub-basement of General Hospital defrosting Stavros, whom she had kept frozen since his death.

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